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    Business owners must always be mindful of business strategies that can help them boost their business and its revenue. In recent times, we have witnessed how video content is perceived by the audience and the greater impact it has on businesses. Videos have capability to capture the attention of people that keep them interested in your brand. 

    According to the studies, more than 70% of customers opt for introduction of a brand through video marketing services. Over 76% of businesses have established the fact that video content results in the generation of sales. 

    A leading animation agency ? Geniusvideos is available to provide full help to create and maintain the spark in your video content. If you are a business owner and you are looking for new ideas to boost your business, we suggest that you must not overlook the benefits of video marketing. We are going to break down video marketing ideas and strategies which help your business strengthen its name in the market and earn a generous revenue. So, let us begin. 

    Custom Animated Explainer Video | AJPORTECH BY (GENIUSVIDEOS)


    First impression is the last impression.

    How can you make a good first impression? By an impactful introduction. 

    People are unaware of your existence and they want to know who are you, why are you in the market and how they can benefit from your services. Thus, an introduction video about your brand, its objective and vision and how it is going to be helpful to the audience is necessary to break the ice. 

    Your audience brings leads and leads will not love your business unless they know well about it. You have to give them a good reason to trust you enough to spend time in consuming your services. Therefore, immediate action should be to grab your target market?s attention with the help of an introductory explainer videos where you cover basic and important elements of your brand by keeping them concise and to the point. It will give them a reason to care about your brand, avail its services and recommend it to their friends. 

    It is human psychology that we are always attracted to things whom we believe can solve our problem or provide us with benefits. Hence, in your video introduction to the brand, you should not forget to pinpoint the fact that your company is built with an initiative to eliminate their problems. 

    The next step is to upload your video introduction on your social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and so on. These platforms are the easiest way for people to reach to your video and to your business, so it is smart to use them efficiently. 


    Your audience views the introduction video and they are showing interest in your brand, it is a good sign. But you are not done here. Now, you have to make more efforts in building trust ? the trust which will turn them into your loyal customer, the trust which will enable them to understand that you have the highest quality products or services.

    First, you have to demonstrate how your brand is the most suitable one they should opt for and convince them to believe the credibility of your business so that they make a purchase. You can easily do it by making explainer videos displaying expertise of your business.

    Use creative visuals that display the passion of your business and uplifts your specialty. Highlight the talents and craft of your brand which present the concept behind your existence. If you would like, you can make videos of every product or service your brand promises and explain their purpose. Pair your video with the piece of writing for more clarity, it will undoubtedly serve as the best part of your brand marketing purpose.


    Word of mouth goes a long way. 

    No matter how much you try to convince your audience of your businesses? advantages, they will always believe what people have to say about your brand. When people are half-convinced to buy your product, they will look into it deeper to know if your brand is worth purchasing and, what saves you here? Testimonial videos. 

    When your target market watches videos where people are praising your business and how much they believe in you, it will instill in them a certain sense of belief ? a belief of people that your business must gain. It is a way to show them not just your side of the story but also your consumers? side which seals your credibility. 

    Create a testimonial video that must integrate the interview of your customers in which they are sharing the story of their happy and satisfying experience of using your products or services. You can create a video by either directly filming them or make it look natural and film it in their place. In interviews, ask customers some questions that bring out a positive answer about their experience using your services and appreciation of your brand. 

    When your testimonial video is completed, promote it with the help of social media and your brand?s website. 


    The newest trends and products always appeal to the audience. 

    Announce your latest collections or discounts like it has extraordinary powers. Even if your new products are simple, you must promote them in your explainer videos in a way that audience is unable to resist.

    Although, the smart strategy is to launch new products, discounted prices, bonuses, promo codes and deals that your audience would love to avail and, showcase them with the combination of attractive visuals and audios, from time to time. It will arise your audience?s curiosity to try out your services, automatically working in your business?s favor. 

    To sum it up, it is essential for business owners to understand how video marketing can upgrade the business and its customer traffic, if used correctly. There is a great variety of tools that make creation of explainer videos easier for video production. Video content is a medium that touches the emotions of people which makes them have an upper hand over the rest of marketing mediums. Showcase attractive details of your brand with emotions and you are good to go!

    A dominant video animation agency ? Geniusvideos, empowers businesses to make themselves a powerful name in the industry via high-quality video animation services. Begin by making your videos and contact us today.

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