ID Reader: A Device that Every Bar Owner Should Invest In

ID scanners are electronic devices that can provides a layer of security for state and provincially issued ID cards in North America. ID readers are extremely helpful for establishments like a bar, pub, or nightclub that serve alcohol on the premises as well as retail outlets for liquor, tobacco, and marijuana.   Keep reading to know why.

What are ID readers?

ID readers are electronic devices that can read the 2D barcode and/or the magnetic stripe of an ID card.  There is usually a screen to display the Age, name, and expiration status of the card holder.  The address and other personal data may or may not be read or retained.  Employee or security personnel can easily check and compare the data displayed on the LCD to the card itself.

Most ID cards like the driver’s license of a person contain a lot of information about the bearer, including their date of birth, address, ID number, and physical description.  Driver’s license and Identification cards issued by the state are the primary source of ID for business and

Why are ID readers important for bar owners?

Imagine this very common situation. You own a bar and you abide by all legal requirements issued by the government faithfully. Yet, someday, you are accused of serving alcohol to an underage and prosecuted for the same. Not only is it financially damaging, it can put your bar business at risk of losing your livelihood – your liquor license.  Why? All because some minor decided to gatecrash your bar with a fake ID and you did not have the ID check verified or documented for due diligence proof. 

Using fake ID cards has always been rampant among teenagers. And with the internet era, the number of kids getting their hands at fake ids is sky rocketed.  With wide access to the internet and shady places like the dark web, a fake ID is accessible with the click of a button.  So it’s no wonder that best practices for ID checking now includes an ID Scanner.  Having that layer of protection by verifying and documenting the ID transaction is now essential to stay in business.  Relying on your employees alone is not enough.  They are human and will make mistakes.

Even if the experienced bouncer can tell that the person is underage by just looking at them, it often creates a scene where the accused deny the assumption and resort to a verbal, or even a physical fight with the bar staff.

These situations can be very easily solved by utilizing an ID card reader. ID readers can easily read and display Age and expiration of the card holder by a simple swipe or scan the ID card.  If an ID is in question or cannot be read, servers can diffuse the situation by blaming the ID Scanner.  It’s not a personal decision, but required since the ID Scanner could not read the ID.  Underage kids usually get out of line when an ID Scanner is in use so it is itself a deterrent for kids with fake IDs. 

Essential ID Scanners features:  here’s the list:  

An efficient as well as effective ID Scanner operates stand- alone without wi-fi and can read, decode, display, and retain the ID information. 

The ID transaction is maintained with a date/time stamp and includes the card holder’s information like the ID number, name, address, date of birth, expiration date, gender, etc.  Easy access to view the transactions as well as the option to delete stored data in a timely fashion is also helpful.  

Low monthly fees means are tempting and often used to real in first time users, but those who have been around and used ID Scanners before know how costs add up.  If your bar is in need, it’s best to invest in a hardware solution that is not bound to a contract or fees of any kind – that includes ID updates.  These self-standing and operating devices will pay for itself within a few months and the life of an ID Scanner can be a few years. 

So we see some critical advantages using an ID Reader or ID Scanner into your business provides.  Not only are you providing a layer of security for fake IDs, but more importantly you are documenting the transaction to protect your business liability, eliminating the human error, and serving as a deterrent to underage kids.   What are you waiting for? Get an ID reader and start to enjoy the benefits it brings today.

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