Top Hybrid Event Ideas & Examples

When it comes to organizing an event, you want it to have a good return on investment. But the question is, what kind of events do you want to organize? While physical events have their positive and negative aspects, virtual events are no less.

In that case, marketers have decided to merge both the event formats to overcome all the barriers, giving rise to the new format of events: Hybrid Event.

So what are these Hybrid events? Let’s find out.

What Are Hybrid Events?

Hybrid events are a blend of virtual and physical or live events. Before it took a rise, these events were largely incorporated by corporates who wanted to bring all their employees and board members together, essentially the ones who could not participate physically. These events were so successful that they helped the companies touch a larger set of audiences.

Today, many marketers and brands are getting inspired and organizing large-scale hybrid events. It gives an immersive online experience to the virtual audience and an unforgettable event to the physical attendees.

Benefits? You get to give a global stage to your event by making it available to people from different backgrounds and locations. It amazingly promotes your brand, boosts large-scale conversions, and bridges the gap between online and offline.

Top Ideas For Hybrid Events

Pre-event Promotions

If you want to capture the attention of both your physical and digital audience, you must create a buzz around your hybrid event so that you have a good number of audience participation. You can start by creating an event page on social media to upload all your event-related information and the event’s brochure. 

You can also collaborate with influencers to take over your event’s social media handle and drive their audience to your event’s page. You can use in-built promotion features such as Facebook promotions or Instagram promotions that provide target-specific advertising to capture maximum prospects. 

Overall, use the platform to educate the audience about the hybrid event so that they understand the concept and participate as per their liking. Hybrid events open up the options for your potential audience to choose whether they want to have a physical event experience or enjoy it virtually at the comfort of their homes, making it an attractive factor for your hybrid event. 

Display Social Wall For Both Audiences

Believe it or not, social media is an important part of our day-to-day life. It has managed to bring people sitting at the opposite ends of the world together. Imagine the wonders it would bring to your hybrid event if you use it effectively. 

The best way to incorporate social media for virtual events has to be the social wall. The social wall is attention-grabbing, and it manages to keep your hybrid audience hooked throughout the event.

All you need is a social media aggregator to collect all the relevant social media posts, filter out the irrelevant ones using advanced moderation, customize it with themes, fonts, and colors, and finally display it all on the social wall. The social wall is live, and it updates in real-time, always giving something new to your hybrid event audience.

Improve Interaction With Polls, Quizzes & Discussion Panels

Audience interactions on popular or widely debated topics have become a major engagement strategy for brands. That’s because people love to express their opinions, they like to be heard, and want to know what others believe. 

Organize audience polls and let your hybrid audience answer. You can also create suspense around the poll result by reminding the audience about it. It will ensure that your audience remains active till the end. You can also organize quizzes for the hybrid audience and announce exciting goodies and prizes for the winners. It will eliminate the passiveness among the audiences and keep them prompted.

Above all, the ultimate way to enhance the interaction between your hybrid audiences would be to provide them a space to voice their opinions, a hybrid discussion panel where your virtual and physical audience can share their opinions, making them active participants at your event.

Successful Hybrid Event Examples

Parookaville Music Festival

Parookaville music festival is Germany’s biggest annual electronic music festival that planned to organize a hybrid music festival amidst the pandemic during mid-July 2020. They kept the footfall limit of their live event as 100 and found Taggbox Display as the perfect solution to engage the rest of the digital audience. 

The audience could share photos and videos using the event’s unique hashtag and get featured on the Taggbox Social Wall. Parookaville managed to expand the event’s reach & awareness and brought the virtual and physical audience closer.

Apple Special Events

Apple product launches are celebrated around the globe, that’s because Apple has its fan all around the world that are always eager to know about its new products.

Apple identifies that, and that’s why they keep their tech event’s set-up as a hybrid. They have a live audience, and they also live-stream their events that always receive active participation. 


TwitchCon is among the world’s leading live-stream gaming platforms. It is also considered a promising hybrid event example as it has been organizing remarkable hybrid events for years.

It is an annual event, and gamers from all around the world come together to participate. Not just that, this gaming event also has many fans who keep themselves braced to witness the event from the comfort of their home, making the event a treat for both the virtual and physical audience.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Alas! We reach the end. The blog revolved around hybrid events, how some ideas can help you provide improved experiences to both your virtual & live audience and not to forget the examples that can inspire you.

So, stop waiting and start doing so that you don’t miss out on this journey of hybrid events that has served many brands to flourish like never before.

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