How is Human Resources Evolving with Technology?

Technology has infiltrated every aspect of our day-to-day life and it is not surprising to see it change the way we work. Additionally, the covid-19 pandemic has changed our work-life drastically. As the majority of employees had to work from home as per the safety guidelines, the use of technology increased exponentially. 

2020 witnessed substantial growth in the development of technology which has also impacted the way human resources are managed. Earlier human resources were associated with persons and now it is seen as a portal. The impact of technology on HR is a trend that will only grow further with the implementation of advanced technologies to streamline the management process.

So how have technological advancements and their implementation affected human resources management? This is a question; we will be discussing the answer for in this article.

Seamless Communication

Swift and efficient communication between employees is a basic requirement for the workflow to be problem-free. HR technologies have developed to such an extent that there are easier ways to communicate among the employees instead of relying on e-mails, text messages and calls. 

There are various software where employees can communicate with each other keeping themselves updated with ongoing work which helps them complete projects in an efficient manner. Multiple calls to team members are a time-consuming and inefficient mode of communications. 

Streamlined Recruitment Process

We all know that the recruitment process is a hassle that requires time as well as company resources. But with enterprise hiring solutions, the screening process has become easier to schedule and conduct. With online proctoring software as well video interview software, screening dozens of candidates within a short time frame has become feasible.

Smarter Data-Driven Decisions

Data analytics is a necessary part of HR management but with tools that do the data analytics for you, the analytics are more precise. This can help HR make data-driven decisions to presciently make critical and strategic changes when required. This can help HR make informed decisions for better performance management which in turn can be beneficial to the company as well as the employees.

Improves Efficiency

Technology can streamline various aspects of a company systematically. Technologies decrease micro-management and employees are left to do specific work instead of wasting time on little things. This improves the efficiency of employees which leads to better work quality as well as a higher productivity rate.

Remember piles of papers, report and files? With technological inclusion, there is no need for that. Messages and reports can be easily drafted using online tools. This makes management more organized and accurate.

Efficient Payroll System

With various technologies that involve employee time tracking easier for HR, it has become easier to evaluate employee discrepancies. Earlier, arguments between HR and employees caused because calculation mistake was a common practice. But with advanced technology, employees need not send an official e-mail to get leave approvals nor does the HR staff need to go through leave applications of hundreds of employees.

Employees can directly apply for leave online and it can be approved if it falls under the right category and the HR can directly go through the immediate leave list without much hassle. The software will automatically calculate the pay depending on the number of leaves and work hours by adding and subtracting as required. These calculations are more precise and they also consider anomalies.

Cost Reduction

Accessing the data of an employee used to be a long process back in the day. If a department manager needed to access to data of a particular employee, they would need to send an official e-mail to the HR department asking for the data by mentioning valid reasons and the HR would then need to shuffle through the aggregation of employee files or spreadsheet to provide that information.

But with the use of the right tools, access to data has become easier saving time as well as money. Because of the use of such technologies, departmental costs can be reduced substantially. Even if the HR department consists of limited staff, management can be seamlessly performed by utilizing such tools and technology.

Easy On-Boarding Process

The recruitment process is already streamlined by deploying online tools and software making it easier for HR to appoint the correct individual for a job position. Similarly, many employee on-boarding tools are making the whole process smoother. Such tools provide the new employee with orientation which saves a considerable amount of time for the senior employees. 


With constant technological advancement, certain methods, tools and technology used by the company may become outdated after a certain period. For a company to grow, it has to adopt as well as implement such technologies. Learning new technologies and administering them effectively, employees can use online software and learning apps to do the same. E-learning is a cogent way of training the staff making the job of HR effortless.

Training new employees can also be conducted through the e-learning medium. By putting on a pre-recorded video or by using video meeting, the company process and training can be easily shared with the new employees.

Comprehensive Data Storage

With hardly any need for papers and files, company resources can be saved as furniture expenditure automatically decreases along with stationary requirements. HR has the widest data storage requirement which isn’t exactly easy to manage and maintain. But with the usage of technology where data can be easily stored on the cloud, there is no need for file cabinets or storage rooms. It is not only cost-efficient but also saves time when data needs to be accessed at a moment’s notice. 

Employee Retention

HR technologies can help with employee engagement regardless of their location. With work from a common practice in most of the companies, employees may feel that their usual interaction with their colleagues has considerably decreased. With no lunch breaks or coffee breaks together with their colleagues, employees may feel demotivated to work. This can affect their work quality as well as productivity.

But with HR technologies where colleagues are constantly in touch with each other through daily video calls and weekly engagement activities, they will be more engaged and motivated to work. When there is positive employee engagement, then retaining employees becomes easier.


Rapid advancement in technology has changed the face of human resources management. It has streamlined the process to science resulting in an efficient work process and seamless management with strategic data-driven decisions. Technology has in a way empowered HR in managing various time-consuming processes like recruitment, on-boarding, employee performance management, training, payroll management, employee engagement and retention, etc.

The utilization of technology may have some drawbacks, but they are nothing compared to the benefits that a company can avail. HR staff needs to keep themselves updated with all the new technology that can benefit them making their work easier and more accurate. 

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