Some know-hows of packing and moving your two-wheeler safely

packing and moving

Self-relocating a vehicle could exhaust you adversely whether it?s a car or bike. Many people presume that packing and moving a vehicle can be done effortlessly and they eventually end up facing a lot of struggles while doing it on their own. Instead of frustrating yourself, it is better to get in touch with reliable packers and movers for transferring your vehicle especially a two-wheeler. 

A motorbike or scooter is one of the most convenient modes of transport on the road. Two-wheelers are comparatively compact, lightweight, & affordable than a car and that?s why people preferably use them for a short-distance commute. Since two-wheeler vehicles are quite common in most of the households, there is an exceptional hype among customers for the safe and hassle-free bike or scooter transportation. To deal with general safety concerns for two-wheeler packing and moving, packers and movers are advised to follow these useful tips for secure and worry-free automobile shifting:

Get involved in early preparation

 Using your vehicle till the last day of its shifting is not recommended by good packers and movers. Even if you are transporting your bike or scooter by a moving company, you are advised to stop using your two-wheeler right 2-3 days before the day of moving.

Keeping your bike on till the last day of shifting is wrong as its hot engine will restrict packers and movers to pack up the vehicle. They can?t start the packing process till the moment your bike?s engine cools down and this will certainly waste a lot of time resulting in delays in the transportation process. 

In the end, the safety of your bike might lag behind due to a lack of sufficient time in packing and loading. Therefore, it is suggested to give rest to your two-vehicle for at least two days before the shifting day arrives. 

Keep essential covers ready

Even a single scratch on a two-wheeler is heartbreaking for any bike lover. To keep all risks of breakages or damages during the vehicle transportation at bay, you must ensure that your bike is perfectly packed in a way that no surface of it is left uncovered. The outer covering on your two-wheeler will shield your two-wheeler from all forms of scratching caused during the loading and shipping of your vehicle throughout the move. 

If you are transporting your bike or scooter with professional packers and movers then they will surely take care of covering your vehicle appropriately for scratch-free movement of two-wheelers with ultimate peace of mind.?

Ensure perfect packing from your end

Packing your bike correctly is what you need to do for its safety. You must use the packing material of the best quality to keep your bike safe from unwanted scratches. Give extra protection to spare parts of your two-wheeler like side mirrors, indicator lights, etc. as they are very delicate and highly prone to suffer during the move. 

Usage of popular packing items such as bubble wraps, wrapping sheets, packing tape, etc. is all you can do the right packaging of your bike for utmost safety. Pro tip: Adding multiple layers of wrapping sheets will give extra safety to the vehicle during its transportation. 

Empty the fuel tank of vehicle

Don?t forget to empty your vehicle?s fuel tank before packing and loading it to the carrier. Fuel is highly inflammable and may catch fire in such circumstances. Packers and movers always keep this thing in mind while relocating any vehicle as it is very dangerous for all. 

Packing tape

The importance of accurate packing of your vehicle is very clear to you. therefore, you should make sure that your bike is perfectly packed and secured rigidly with strong tape. Doing so is a prerequisite to ensure that all of those packing stuff on your two-wheeler will stay intact all along the transportation process. 

Load your bike in an ideal position

For safe shipping of your bike, you must check if it is loaded and kept in a favorable position or not. It must be kept on a static base and attached with roped from either side so that it won?t tilt or fall off during the move. proper positioning is very essential to prevent the risks of breakages due to sudden crashing or falling over your vehicle.

Safe handling of vehicles

 All of those professional packers and movers take extra cautions while handling any vehicle for packing, loading, moving, unloading, & unpacking processes. Even if we know that incidents may happen unpredictably, you can take maximum steps to secure your two-wheeler from any breakage or damage.  

Moving a two-wheeler or any vehicle to another location is not everyone?s cup of tea. Only expert packers and movers can do it with utmost perfection, speed, & safety. But in case if you?ve decided to pack and move your vehicle on own, we are sure that this guide makes it easy and less tiring for you.?

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