How do I unsubscribe from Norton subscription?

    Norton subscription

    I think you are not satisfied with the quality products from Norton and you want to know how to cancel Norton subscription and how to get Norton Refund. Before starting anything from the blog we recommend you to think again whether you actually want to remove Norton antivirus from your PC because right after uninstalling the Norton antivirus your PC will be at high risk of getting malware and viruses in your system. 

    There are some easy steps that we are going to discuss that can help you to remove Norton antivirus from PC. So wasting more time lets get started.

    If you have turned ON automatic renewal then you will be charged the renewal amount without asking you. Norton will automatically deduct the renewal amount from your Credit card which you entered during the purchase of the product. 

    So to stop this first you have to stop the automatic renewal and cancel the Norton subscription. 

    Norton Subscription Refund

    Norton has a feature to provide a free trial version of Norton Antivirus for every user. If you do not want to purchase the Norton antivirus then you can check its free trial version do that you get an idea how Norton antivirus works and what are the features will you get in the paid version. 

    If you have purchased the Norton antivirus and you are looking for a refund then you can apply for a Norton refund. Norton offers a money-back service within 60 days of purchase. So you can cancel your Norton subscription and get a refund after the process.

    How to Cancel Norton Antivirus Automatic Renewal

    Hope so you remember that while purchasing the Norton antivirus you submitted your credit card details in the registration form. Norton uses this credit card to deduct the renewal amount. 

    • There are some steps that you should perform to avoid unwanted charges from Norton.
    • First of all, go to Norton official website and log in to your Norton account
    • Ther you will find the automatic renewal tab on the home page. 
    • Select this option and Turn it off
    • Confirm your choice of the turnoff to the automatic renewal.
    • Now your automatic renewal is disabled and no more money deductions

    How to Get Your Refund after Cancellation?

    If your money got deducted and you do not know how to get refunds then do follow the below steps to get a refund from Norton. 

    • Here is a policy that gives you the freedom to et your money back within 60 days of purchase. 
    • If you have charged for the automatic renewal then you will get your money back. 
    • Keep one thing in mind that you can only ask for a refund within 60 days? time.
    • If you want to get your money back then you should contact Norton helpline or Norton Customer support.
    • You can also use Norton chat support to fix your problems. 
    • You can also call to Norton UK support number.
    • Before you call customer support make sure that you remember or you have your credit card or debit card last digits. 
    • Helpers will ask your credit card?s last digits to confirm that it is you only who purchased the product. 
    • The last thing you need in your Norton login credentials.

    Norton Refund Chat

    Whenever you call Norton support center they will reply to you quickly. There are very less chances that experts are not available to reply to you due to heavy calls. In that case, you can try out Norton chat support to solve things. 

    You will get an instant reply on chat so that you would not face any kind of delay and problems. 

    Norton Automatic Renewal Cancel

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    Expectations to the Cancellation and Refunds

    Here are some facts and points which you can expect when you are going to cancel your subscription and plans you have purchased. The following products and purchase made are not eligible for refunds:

    • These products are Not for Resale and complementary software.
    • Some Norton or Norton LifeLock offers from third-party.
    • Products purchased from third-party platforms such as play store, app store, reseller, retailers, vender, etc
    • Repeating the same purchase which you canceled last time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Norton Antivirus Auto-Renewal and Refund Request

    Can I get money back from automatic renewal?

    Yes, you can get money back from automatic renewal but if you cancel your product. There is one more fact that you should keep in mind that you should cancel your Norton product before the first 30 days of renewal ends. So hurry up if this week is the last week of your offer.

    Does Norton Give Refunds?

    Yes, Norton provides you a 60 days money-back guarantee feature while purchasing an annual subscription on its products. 

    How do I stop Norton to charge me Money next time?

    In order to stop Norton to charge you more for your current products, you have to turn OFF all the automatic renewals. If you are not able to do the same ten you can Norton Tech Support for the same. 

    Can I buy Norton 360 without renewal?

    No, you cannot buy Norton 360 without renewal.

    How to cancel Norton subscription?

    You can cancel your Norton subscription in two simple steps. Log in to your Norton account and navigate to the Subscription tab and click on Cancel my Subscription button. That\s it now you do not have a subscription plan from Norton. 

    How to cancel the Norton account?

    Go to the Norton website and login to your account. Now you have to click on Cancel my Account under the account-preference tab.

    Why is Norton auto-renewal more expensive?

    Norton asks for money before the expiry of the product. It will ask you to pay for the fee before 3-4 days. Due to these factors sometimes you pay more than the actual payment. 

    How to get a refund from Norton automatic renewal?

    You can ask the company for a refund if you have paid for the renewal in the last 30 days. For more and detailed steps you can check the steps mentioned above. 

    How to cancel Norton subscription and get a refund?

    First, you have to cancel your Norton account and then you can get a refund amount if you are eligible to Norton refund policies. 

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