How To Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Business?

Deciding on a marketing strategy for a small business owner may be challenging. Many options are available nowadays, including social media marketing, video marketing, blog content, video-sharing platforms, and digital advertising. In the confusing array of marketing options, we should pay attention to the power of email. Email marketing has been around for a long time and is still one of the most effective marketing methods available. If you want to improve your email marketing, contact Whizamet, the Best Email Marketing Agency in London.?

Below are the five tips to boost your audience’s engagement with your brand. These are: 

Make Signing up Easier

You can’t expect to build an email marketing list with a semi-hidden signup form on your website. You need to add subscription forms throughout your website so that people can engage with your content and see them. 

Try including the subscription forms on the landing page, the home page, and the about us page. Also, add the forms to your blog content, website’s footer section, and sidebar widgets areas, and even you can add them near the navigation menu so people can easily find them and subscribe. 

Provide An Incentive For Signing Up 

Making the signup process easier for people is essential but making them sign up is also essential. The best way to encourage your site visitors to subscribe is to offer them a content upgrade. Offer them something of value like coupons, a handy checklist, or an e-book to anyone subscribing. 

People are often likely to give their email addresses when they get something in return. They will feel like you are not after their money; this bonus upgrade is valuable. If you want to improve your CTR, reach out to Whizamet, the Best Email Marketing Agency in London.   

Enhance Your Email Marketing Content 

Constantly streaming promotional emails will not engage your audience. They want to feel that you are offering them something valuable. You need to mix up your content and focus on sending different kinds of emails to gain their attention. Following are some examples of this:

  • Events Invite your audience to the events you are hosting at your business. It can be anything like a product demo or an educational seminar. 
  • Service and Product Information– Send an email to your customers about your new products and service launches to excite them about the enhancements. 
  • Promotions– People don’t appreciate constant promotional content, so they are interested in knowing about upcoming sales and special deals. Offering them coupons and perks, such as free shipping via email, will help you increase your click-through rate and revenue. 

Divide Your Email Lists 

Earlier small businesses used to send generic emails to every person on their list, but nowadays, personalizing things is an excellent way to improve your email marketing campaign. Personalized emails are an effective way to engage your subscribers and keep them on your list. To boost your CTR, divide your email lists into groups and send meaningful content accordingly. 

For example, send welcome emails to your subscribers, send an email campaign to those who have recently purchased something, etc. divide your email lists like this; it will help you increase your CTR. 

Never Forget To Include CTA 

Every email campaign requires a CTA, even if a sale is the primary goal of your campaign. A compelling CTA will help you improve the recipient’s engagement on your business page and website content. Follow the below tips to make people click your CTA button:

  • Keep it clear and exciting. 
  • Just stick about to five words; don’t make it wordy. 
  • Use the action-oriented copy to tell people what to do, such as “Download Now,” “Click Here,” etc. 
  • Make the CTA easy to find. 
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