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In my opinion, a cake board can either make or break a cake. You might not believe this, but the cake board truly completes the picture. Okay, admission time finally have a little pet peeve. It is the most over used cake board in existence. This is because they are simply old and tired looking.

You know those cookie sheet cakes that are all lined with fondant for decoration and then topped with a pretty floral base. Well there is a science to making these cakes and it all starts with the base. If you put some good quality fondant on a cookie sheet and drape it over the cake board, you have a mini tropical themed wedding cake. Now you might say “but how does the fondant get on the board?”

The answer is simple, buy some heavy duty foam sheets from your local craft store or cut your own to fit the base. Now you do need to trim the excess foam to fit the board well. This is easily done by snipping off the ends with a pair of sharp scissors. Next you simply spray the base with any color of paint and cover with the matching fondant. Spray the ribbon around the cake board too. This will help give your design a fuller look and keep the ribbon from popping of the cake board itself.

You can also buy cake board kits and decorate these yourself. These kits usually come with everything you need. These kits include the base, the ribbons, and the sprinkles. A cake board kit is also great if you are trying to keep costs down. This method is great because you can make hundreds of cakes for one price.

If you have tried this method with no success then you should check out how to decorate cardboard cake circles. For this technique you do not need a board. You only need a piece of cardboard or other suitable flat surface. Simply apply icing to the outline of each circle then press your icing into the center of each circle.

To make your own cake bases use cardboard that is double sided or waxed. You can then either fill it with sand or paint and decorate it. Many people like to add embellishments to their cake boards. If you are trying this technique, you should first line the base with sand, then use a soldering iron to heat the base board until it is warm enough to seal the sand in place. Do this several times until you achieve the effect you desire.

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