How To Turn Your Old Router Into Range Boosting Wi-Fi Repeater

A Router is a device that helps to forward the data packets to their respective computer networks. There are two or more data lines from different IP networks that are connected to the router. Once there is a connection between the computing data packets on one of the lines, the router reads its network address information. It is used in Local Area and Wide Area Network environments, LAN, and WAN, respectively. A Wi-Fi Repeater is a network booster that helps expand the Wi-Fi range through the signals received by the main router that then forwards the signs to the repeater’s antennas. However, the toughest or most annoying situation is when we are frustrated by the Wi-Fi’s range, connectivity issues, and speed.

This is why the best option is to turn our old router into a range boosting Wi-Fi by creating a separate wireless access point that one can connect to separately from the original access point. This aids in keeping the Wi-Fi connectivity irrespective of which corner of the apartment you are in. This is not a “Mesh-Network.” That is another system that needs to be bought. However, this is still a better option if connectivity reaches a separate section of the house; this helps switch to better connectivity easily and swiftly. You can do this in two ways:

Wi-Fi Repeater's

setting the router as a wireless repeater or connecting the router to a wired extender. The latter is a better option and a bit of a hassle too. In the case of an extender, an actual physical hardwired Ethernet cable is connected from your primary router to the extender router, which will then broadcast as an access point from there. The former gets a new access point extender which needs to get the wireless signal from the original one, and then it will relay that to whatever else is connected to the extender. A Repeater might lose its cue from the main router to the extender and even from the repeater to the device. Hence, where you place the Repeater is the most important because it gets a weaker signal if it is put on the other side of the house.

Also, you must understand the importance of IP addresses

 It will have to try and amplify a much weaker signal, but if it is placed in the middle of the house, it works better as the travel distance is reduced to half, keeping the connection still strong to move further ahead. A repeater needs to be in enough range to get a decent signal from the main router to provide connectivity there and beyond. Setting up a repeater is more accessible than setting up an extender, especially if you cannot run a hardwire from the router to the extender. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that not every single router can act in the repeater mode.

In that case, it might have to be a wired extender. To check if your router is supportive of a wireless repeater, one can Google the router’s model number and fit in its features if it supports the wireless repeater mode. For example, the router Linksys WRT3200ACM has the wireless repeater mode feature. So, the first move is to go to its settings and then select the “Connectivity” menu, followed by the “Internet Settings,” followed by the “Edit” drop-down, then selecting the “Wireless Repeater” option.

Later, enter the Wi-Fi name of the extending network, which is incoming from the leading network. Complete the rest of the formalities, which include the Wi-Fi Security Mode and the Wi-Fi Password. Finally, this router gets all the signals from the old one helping in relaying to and from the connected devices. A new name would be needed to create for this unique access point as it will be connected separately but will still be connected to the same overall network in the house.

The most essential point to keep in mind is to create a ‘Balance” between the distance of the main router and the Wi-Fi Repeater’s new access point. Fortunately, it is pretty much all set up with this setting since there is not much to change. At the most, one can change the local IP of this repeater so that you know how to configure it and access it via the web later if needed. Other than that, it is done and forgotten about, nothing to worry about. There is no need to waste or let go of your old router if it can be turned into a Wireless Repeater. The work is done without any hassle.

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