How to travel with a bike on a plane

travel with a bike

Traveling by bike on a plane is the best way to avoid baggage fees, and it�s simply the best way to get around the airport. This is a great choice for short trips, but it�s not for everyone. In this post, we cover the basics of traveling by bike on a plane and include helpful tips, tools, and gear to make it as easy as possible. The key to traveling by bike on a plane is to do your research, organize your equipment, pack smart, and practice!

How to Fly With Your Bike

The best part about riding your bike is that you can go anywhere. Daily commutes are a breeze. So, what if you want to go from one place to another on two wheels? Perhaps you have a stop to make on the way. Or maybe you�re thinking about going to visit someone. If so, you�ll need a bike that is capable of carrying your gear. Many bike travel experts recommend a sturdy, mid-size touring or hybrid bike with 28-inch wheels.

travel with a bike

Here are some best bikes for travel on a plane. To see click here

Although it is not possible to take your bike with you in the cabin of the plane, there are some ways to get it on the plane with you. The most common way is to take a bike box (a large cardboard box) and pack the bike into the box before you travel. Other options may include taking your bike on sports equipment or on a cargo plane.

How to Pack Your Bike for a Flight

You must disassemble your bike to fit in the bike box. First, remove the pedals. If you have a quick release, you can unscrew the lever on the side and remove the entire pedal. You should then remove the handlebars.

Step 1: Remove your front wheel, seat, and Seatpost. To remove the seat post, loosen the seat post clamp and unscrew the bolt on the side of the seat tube.

Step 2: Separate the frame from the fork by removing the main part of the headset. To do this, loosen the bolt on the top of the fork. The fork should separate from the steer tube.

Step 3: Remove the handlebars. This can be accomplished by loosening the parts.

Step 4: Remove the pedals.

Step 5: You should be finished.

Top Tips for Taking Your Bicycle on a Plane

* When packing, make sure to place your bicycle in a bike box or wrap it in protective foam. Secure it to the plane with padded straps.

* Take your bicycle on the plane in the cargo hold. You will be required to remove the pedals, handlebars, and seat.

* Depending on your airline, you can take a bicycle in your carry-on baggage.

The Best and Worst Airlines for Cyclists

The best airlines for cyclists are Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Airlines. The worst airlines for cyclists are JetBlue, Frontier, and Spirit Airlines.

4 Bike Locks to Keep Your Ride Safe

The more you ride your bike, the more you need to protect your ride. The folks over at Bike have put together a list of 4 different bike locks that are great for locking your ride up at night when you’re in the garage, or in a parking lot. It is always best to have a spare key, in case you lose one.

1. Abus Granit X Plus 540

2. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini

3. OnGuard Bulldog 8055

4. Master Lock Street Cuff

5 Tips for Taking Your Bike on a Plane

The best way to take your bike on a plane is to check it with the airline’s baggage service. However, if you want to take your bike on a plane at all, you’re probably going to need to check it. Checking a bike is one of the most dangerous pieces of baggage you can take with you on a plane.

1. Pack your bike in a bike box.

2. Get a bike box from a bike shop.

3. Clean your bike, especially the drivetrain, with rubbing alcohol.

4. Arrange for delivery direct to your airport terminal.

5. Use a reputable shipping service.


If you’re a bike traveler, you know that the airplane is not a friendly place for bikes. Buses and trains are more bike-friendly, but still not ideal. But last week I found a solution to bring my bike on the plane: a bike box. It’s a box that fits right on top of your bike to prevent theft and is filled with airline-approved padding that can absorb the vibration of the ride. I put my bike box on my bike and began the journey from the United States to Europe.


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