Tattoo And Its Aftercare ? How to Take Good Care of Your Tattoo

Tattoo Aftercare

Tattooing is art, or we should say a painful art because one needs to bear with the constant pain of needles piercing their skin during multiple sessions. Sometimes, some side effects and infections occur due to improper care, sensitive skin, or other skin conditions. However, if your tattoo ends well, it?s all going to be worth it.

What Is Tattoo Aftercare?

Why It?s Necessary?

Caring for your tattoo once it got done, to prevent any skin infection and complications, and to make sure that it heals properly, is called the Tattoo Aftercare. It is important because you have got your tattoo after many efforts and a painful process, and you don?t want it to spoil just because of any act of carelessness. Also, you don?t want to get some severe infection or complicated condition that may affect your health.

How To Care For Your Tattoo?

First of all if you haven’t get the best tattoo for yourself, here is website have a lot of quality ideas. Tattoo Aftercare starts as soon as you leave the shop after your final session with the tattoo artist. Besides, all steps we are going to discuss here, it is equally important to trust an experienced and professional artist with your tattoo. Don?t look for a cheap artist at the cost of your tattoo so, you will end up with a messy design just for saving a few cents.

Do?s and Don?ts For Tattoo Aftercare

Finally, you have got that favorite tattoo you have had your eyes on for a long time. Now, you should follow these few tips to keep it in a good condition so, you never regret having it. 


  1. Protect From Microbial Contamination

When your artist has done with your tattoo, he will apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly or an antibiotic ointment and cover it either with plastic or a bandage. It is to protect your tattoo from microbial invasion. You should keep the dressing on for up to 24 hours or as per the recommendations of your tattooist. 

  1. Clean and Moisturize 

When you remove the bandage (make sure your hands are washed and cleaned), wash your tattoo gently with antibacterial soap and warm water. After that, pat it dry with a soft cloth and apply an alcohol-free moisturizer. Don?t cover it again but instead, let your skin breathe. Repeat it twice a day for 15 days. 

  1. Let It Heal

Wear loose clothes or sun-protective clothing, and keep your tattoo moist to avoid any infection. Cleanliness must be maintained to ensure the proper healing of your tattoo. If you see scabs or symptoms of infection and feel like it isn?t healing properly, see your dermatologist. 


  • Avoid the sun for at least two weeks after you got the ink
  • Don?t wear tight clothes that may rub against your tattoo and cause irritation
  • Don?t use any sunblock over the tattoo until the tattoo has completely healed
  • Avoid taking warm showers as hot water may cause the ink to fade 
  • Don?t go swimming (immerse your body in water) again for two weeks
  • Never scratch, pick or peel at the tattoo area

Possible Side Effects Of Tattooing

In this body art, the artist requires to open your skin. The tattoo needle works by pricking your skin quickly to transfer ink to the dermis. Therefore, it may cause some skin complications to occur that are normal. 

  • Infection

Improper care, inexperienced artist, and the use of contaminated equipment may cause blood-borne infections and pus leaking from the tattoo.

  • Allergic Reaction

When the person?s skin is sensitive to the dye used in tattooing, they may develop allergic reactions such as inflammation, itching, and redness at the tattoo site. 

  • Scarring

Repeated pricking of skin with a tattoo needle may develop scar tissue that can be permanent. 

However, if you observe worsening of these conditions, you should see a doctor for medical help. 

For Long-term Aftercare

? Stay hydrated

? Keep it cleaned

? Watch out for your weight (excessive weight gain or loss is a problem)

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