How to Style 1 Dress 5 Ways

Have you ever stared into the mirror or inside your closet frustrated about how to make an outfit work? You are certainly not alone. Most celebrities pay glam squads big money to help them style their clothing into versatile looks that get them noticed. You, too, can style one dress for multiple ensembles and do it successfully without a fashion team. Expert shoppers are sharing their tips on how to style one dress in five ways.

1. Start With Footwear

Any leading designer will tell you that when you change your shoes, you change an outfit. That beautiful dress you love will appear fresh and elegant when you switch up with footwear. Heels usually mean a dressier occasion while flats stand for a casual outing.

The U.K.’s Duchess Kate, now with the title of Princess of Wales, has become a worldwide fashion icon and is known for styling a single outfit in several different ways. Vogue Magazine Australia took a closer look at this and found that Kate often uses footwear to change her appearance in a dress or coat she has worn previously.

This is a simple and effective technique. Try it yourself and see.

2. Add A Leather Jacket

It’s no secret that a leather jacket offers glamour and interest to an outfit. Pair a pretty marble dress?with a chic moto jacket, for instance, and add an instant edge to your ensemble.

Leather is timeless and always looks cool, especially when you combine the strong elements of leather with the feminine silhouette of a dress. It’s a knockout fashion moment that stylish celebrities enjoy showing off, and you can do it as well.

3. Wear Statement Jewelry

Here’s yet another way to style a dress that you adore and feature it looking different and attractive once again. Fashion stylists often let fab jewelry pieces enhance a lovely frock. You don’t need much else when the necklace, earrings, bracelet, or brooch are doing the talking.

A piece of statement jewelry draws the eye in, and an amazing pair of chandelier earrings, for instance, puts the spotlight on you and allows your dress to shine.

Try on different jewelry you own to see how your dress appears. Maybe it’s a metallic vibe you’re going for or a colorful gem that picks up the print in your dress’s pattern.

Necklaces and pendants can really boost the style of your dress depending on its design such as a boatneck, sleeveless, v-neck, or sweetheart neckline, etc.

4. Think About Layers

Your dress will get an added bonus when you choose a layer or two such as a poncho or wrap shawl. This is an elegant accessory that provides effortless draping to the body. A simple layer can change the entire appearance of an ensemble.

Shawls and ponchos remain a fashion classic and come in a huge variety of fabrics, textures, colors, and prints. A leopard scarf is just one timeless pattern that looks awesome around the shoulders or loosely tied around the neck to offset your dress. Style icons like Kate Moss and Rosie Huntington-Whitely have worn this chic look.

5. Put On A Hat

Some dresses can be worn as casual or formal depending on the footwear and accessories chosen as described above. A hat is another excellent option that can create a new look for your dress and deliver pizzazz to your outfit.

A cowboy hat or one with a big brim often exudes a bohemian flair, and a pair of espadrilles or sandals can complete a casual ensemble.

For a dressier tone to your dress and shoes, you could wear a fascinator or hat with a veil or even a delicate scarf tied as a turban or headband.

Sarah Jessica Parker made hats her unique signature style during the TV hit “Sex and the City.” Some were quirky and others were classic.


The dress is one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe and deserves multiple styling options to deliver that fashion sense that defines you as an individual. Consider the tips above, and see how you can style one dress in five spectacular ways!

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