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wikipedia page

The term Wikipedia is derived by the blending of two words, wiki, and encyclopedia, where wiki means ?Quick? and encyclopedia means a book or a sum of books that provide knowledge on various aspects. Wikipedia is a project of Wikimedia Foundation, which is a non-profit and charitable organization of America. It is a Hub of Knowledge where any minute anybody can write, edit or read about any topic. It is one of the highly visited websites that generates about 1.7 billion views per month. It is a free of cost encyclopedia. It has numerous content in about 250+ different languages. It is an online and open forum. It is created to provide countless benefits to its users.

Wikipedia is a platform, where any registered wiki user can write an article, but to edit any article, registration is not required. If you need to add up any knowledge on Wikipedia, you can do it too by creating a Wikipedia page. If you are facing trouble and do not know how to create a Wikipedia page, you can outsource it too. There are a good number of individuals and companies that are offering Wikipedia page creation services and are waiting for you to contact them and get your personal Wikipedia page made by them.

wikipedia page

Creating a Wikipedia account is not a delicate task, but creating a Wikipedia page is a bit difficult. Wikipedia does not allow everybody easily to get into its community. It has set some rigid policies regarding the security of its content. If you are willing to learn how to create a personal Wikipedia page, then you are at the right place.

How to create a Wikipedia account?

To create a Wikipedia page, it is necessary to create a Wikipedia account first. Go to the Wikipedia home page and click on the ?create an account? at the top right corner of the page. Then fill in the required fields appearing on the screen. This is how you can create a Wikipedia account but it does not that the Wikipedia page is being made as well. To create a Wikipedia Page, one needs to take care of few aspects.

How to create a Wikipedia Page?

In order to create your Wikipedia Account Page, it is necessary to get your wiki account being nominated for auto-confirmation. Wikipedia has a policy that if an account gets older than four days or more, and has made about 10 edits, including the deleted ones, it automatically gets nominated for auto-confirmation. However, the auto-confirmation does not take place itself. One needs to be exceptional in all the facets of editing and writing.

?Editing on Wikipedia

Editing on Wikipedia is not a criminal, one can do that, but must be certain about the information which they are editing. If you wrongly edit any content on the Wikipedia page, there is a possibility of you being blocked or maybe cause disruption in editing further content. The content edited by any user is approved by an expert of Wikipedia. Wikipedia provides its users a tool called sandbox, where a person can practice editing before editing any published article on Wikipedia. When you feel like you have got a grip on editing then you should edit any article on Wikipedia. After finishing the edit on Wikipedia, you have to then write a summary about the edit you have made in the small field showing below the edit box. To preview the changes, you have made, that how does the content look after altering, press the? show preview? button. To see the difference between how your page looks before and after editing, press on the ?show changes? button. This is how you can see and make edits on Wikipedia

? Writing on Wikipedia

There is some difference between writing on Wikipedia and writing regular content. Wikipedia has some policies about its content approval and rejects any content which it does not abide by its policies. It is not like anybody can write a go-to content on Wikipedia. It is one of the world?s most highly visited websites due to some reason. Wikipedia does not compromise over its content and has rejected so many contents.

Before writing on Wikipedia, one should be extraordinary in all the aspects of writing. Rejection of content can lead to the rejection of the Wikipedia page. Before writing on Wikipedia, one needs to take care of certain aspects. Make sure to research a lot about the topic you are going to write about. Try to provide sufficient knowledge about the topic. Avoid writing on the topic that is already in existence of Wikipedia. Avoid uploading content that will go against the policies of Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia, an article that is concise, clear, well written, understandable, error-free, and nicely formatted and structured, is considered good.

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