How to Start Your Own Gallery

Ask any artist, and they will tell you that gaining exposure and profiting from their talent is something they dream of, and a gallery is an ideal vehicle for this pursuit. Having a plan is essential, and you want to follow all the rules so that everything is properly registered and legally compliant. Starting your own art gallery is exciting, and our experts have some good advice.

Name Your Business

Every business needs a name, and this is a great place to start. For example, what will your gallery offer?

Own Gallery

Branding truly matters, and you can begin by writing down a list of possible names that are short and simple and define what your talent is all about. Online, there are art websites that can help you choose an art gallery name and check the domain name availability.

These are just a few the website recommends Gallery 460, The art in Motion, The Love Gallery, and Splash Center.

Promote Your Gallery

Once you have found a space to rent, you will need to consider licensing requirements in the state where your gallery is located. In most cases, state permits and licenses may be needed to operate an art gallery business.

Promoting and marketing your gallery becomes a key step to maintain interest and presence in the community. Social media is something that can make or break any new business and is an excellent way of reaching a large audience at no additional cost. Social media can help you attract new clients and customers.

Becoming acquainted with the local cultural organizations of your community is helpful as well as creating television and newspaper advertisements, large format printing for posters, wall graphics, and other promotional materials to market your gallery.

Set Your Creative Vision

Let’s be honest. Many artists dream of having their work on display at an art gallery. You may come across someone who has talent as a sculptor, a religious iconographer, a landscape painter, etc., but that doesn’t mean that you have to accept every artist who approaches you about showing their work.

You are the gallery owner, which means that it is all about your creative vision, and that includes your aesthetics and interests, so take your time defining the artwork that will grace your space. You want to stand out from the competition and have a distinct style.

Also, be prepared to draft a standard contract regulating terms of conditions under which you may sell their artwork. This is called a consignment agreement, and you can find sample art gallery agreement forms online to download and use for your business.

Sometimes, just the shake of a hand is not enough. A consignment agreement will protect both the gallery and artist, particularly in the event of unforeseen circumstances. The contract also gives a legal remedy should the agreement be violated.

Keep Customers Interested

Operating a gallery seems like a dream job where you, as the owner, can make a profit by receiving at least fifty percent of the sale.

Maintaining a strong presence in the community can be challenging, but staying in contact with your existing customers is essential. Keep a mailing list going that tells your clients about new art events and artwork making the scene.

Collaborate with your artists to find unique ways to keep them in the news to advertise their works. Again, social media can play a major role in reaching out to fans across the globe as well as on the local front. Engaging online can be quite a powerful tool for both the gallery and artists.

A gallery owner wears many hats depending on the size of the space, but these entrepreneurs handle administrative tasks of all sorts, deal with framers, manage the inventory, keep their database growing and organized, and a lot more.

Starting your own gallery can be a dream come true. Careful thought and planning are important such as naming your gallery, knowing your target market, determining the start-up and ongoing costs, and figuring out how much to charge your customers. There are a variety of details as the safe transport of artwork as well as insurance for your entire business. You can do it. Good luck!

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