How to solve Yahoo Mail problems?

Yahoo Mail problems

Yahoo Mail service continues to block users by allowing the ad block

Yahoo may hope that it is more important than free advertising to access your emails.

Many AdBlock Plus users have confirmed that in Chrome or in Firefox on their computer they can not reach Yahoo Mail. The following error message is sent instead of seeing the inboxes: “Uh oh … We can not view Yahoo Mail. To continue to use Yahoo Mail, please disable Ad Blocker.”

The reports, first reported by Digiday, were published on Thursday in the AdBlock Plus fora. Former Yahoo designer Andrei Herasimchuk, who is now working on Twitter, claims to be locked off his inbox.

Yahoo Mail does not seem to have any impact on everyone at this time because we could not replicate it. Nonetheless, the switch to “raison= ADBLK TRAP” at the end of the Yahoo Mail URL will produce an error message, even if AdBlock Plus has not been set up. Therefore, one possible reason is that Yahoo is only testing a replication ad-block to see how users react. For clarification, we have reached the company.

Through accessing Yahoo Mail in a different browser, Users may be able to bypass filtering, go to Preferences > View Mail, change the view from “Full Featured” to “Easy.” And return to Yahoo Mail in the main app.

The ad blocker inserts code into your inbox to block ads that can affect e-mail functionality and break (for example, hiding messages accidentally). This will unblock Yahoo Mail ads as well.


ADBLock Plus2



Recover Deleted Yahoo Mails

If you delete or log into your Yahoo Mail account accidentally and find all email folders empty, not everything is lost. You can get the lost message in the Trash folder or ask Yahoo to recover missing emails in the previous state, even the messages removed from the trash, but you need to be swift.

Unless you act quickly, Yahoo will recover your postbox from a garbage or other backup copy to an earlier state, restoring missing emails, irrespective of whether you have accidentally drained the Tash folder containing an important email or a Yahoo mail collapse.

Delete Mail If you know that you have immediately removed an important email, you will have the most successful undelete e-mail. If you remove an email, it is moved to the directory Trash, where it is stored until this file is cleared. So long as you still have your Yahoo Mail Trash file, you can easily delete an email. In Yahoo Mail unleashing a message:

In Yahoo Mail, tap the directory Ash. On the left side of your Yahoo email window you will see it in the navigation pane.

Please select the email(s) to undelete.

Over the mailing list, press Moving button, pick Inbox. The D can be reached as well, then the 0 pin.

Recover Emails missing or deleted

Rescue messages that vanished during the past 24 hours from your Yahoo Mail account or undelete after you deleted the Trash directory:

1.Use your Yahoo Mail account to either import or automatically or manually forward all messages sent yesterday and today to a separate e-mail address. Otherwise, these messages will still be destroyed.

2.Go to the Support Page for Yahoo Mail Reset. Tap Submit a Reset Request.

Yahoo mail moves removed emails to the Trash folder automatically, which allows you to easily retrieve emails if you have erroneously deleted them. Yahoo Mail periodically delets the Trash directory to storage, which can be a problem if your deleted emails are not retrieved in due course. If in the last seven days, e-mails are lost or removed that are no longer in the Trash folder, you may request Yahoo’s recovery, but there is no assurance that all of your missing e-mails will be restored to a restore.

3.To explain the question, use the drop-down menu. In this case, pick Mail: emails on webMail that were mistakenly deleted. If you use a mobile device, you can also choose.

4.Pick a time range from the menu below When were the messages missing? It takes 16 hours to optimize time.

5.Enter the given field with your Yahoo ID or e-mail address.

6.Enter an email address to which you can access in the given field.

7.Fill in the CAPTCHA area and press Build File.

When waiting for Yahoo to restore your Yahoo Mail account to its level, continue to forward or update any newly arrived messages from any backup copy at the specified time. The original email boxes and directories were replaced by the copy.


Because the system restores your account to the moment you set it up, Yahoo will erase and you will not be able to recover all messages received after that point. Make sure you back up every e-mail you have sent and received in the past seven days before submitting a restore request.


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