How to Smartly Decorate your Rental Apartment?

Living in a rental apartment can be challenging if you can’t even decorate it the way you want. But you don’t want to go for the permanent decorative stuff. Here’s how you decorate it smartly while being on a budget.

Let’s check out the rental yields in the UAE’s most affordable emirate first. In Ajman, yields per annum were 9.6% between Apr-Oct 2017, up 0.3% over the same period 6-months ago. Rental yields in the UAE have been really strong. Particularly, Ajman happens to be the most affordable of all the seven emirates, with asking prices of AED 30/square-foot for apartments.

Admit this! You dreamed of the lavish place to live, but instead, you ended up in a boring rental apartment. So all you have now is the annoying off-white walls, bathrooms and kitchen need some serious overhaul, and the entire space has a very little character – God knows what sort of. So what’s the solution? Some useful apartments rental decorating hacks would be of great help.

Remodelling the rental apartment – that you don’t even own – isn’t an option so you just need to think about low-touch cosmetic fixes that will make a huge impact. Some highly experienced interior design experts have suggested the clever apartment decorating hacks without having to spend too much. So let’s dive in;

Invest in Versatile Pieces

When you’re renting an apartment, it’s quite evident that you’ll be living here for a while and you’ve no idea where you’re going to go next. Therefore make sure you choose the versatile furniture pieces that fit perfectly instead of items that fit permanently in the current space. Things like the modular sofas that can be left or even right-handed, gate-leg tables, folding chairs, and coffee tables that double your storage are all great ideas.

Upgrade Lighting

Lighting is essential to make a home look beautiful. But since it’s the rental apartment, you can’t just go for something permanent. Swapping out shade isn’t that hard, and it can make a huge difference to your space. If you are unable to upgrade fixtures due to budget or other issues, avoid using the overhead lights where possible. You can then focus on growing your collection of stylish floor & table lamps instead.

Temporary Wallpaper

Earlier, wallpapers used to be the worst thing for a rental apartment as they included the tedious labour, additional expense and an inconvenience of tearing it down at the time of leaving.  But nowadays, the self-adhesive removable wallpapers have made things easier. So, to ensure your rental look like your own space, you can easily add the wallpaper to your space and can go extremely dramatic or subtle.

Adhesive Counter Tops

To bring the temporary yet amazing change to your rental apartment, you can use the Adhesive paper. With these, you can easily cover the old bathroom tile floors, kitchen countertops and more. You’ve plenty of choices to opt from when it comes to colours and patterns. And you know what the best part is? It’s easy to clean and can be conveniently removed at the end of your lease.

Using Rugs

People often ask, whether or not you can lay a rug over carpet. So the answer is YES Obviously. In fact, it’s good to put a rug over old rental carpets. A rug completes a look & ties everything together. It’s quite like an automatic facelift that you’ll never look back on.

Hang Art without Nails

Most of the landlords won’t mind a few holes in the wall, but some might be strict with the no-nails policy. So would you let that thing stop you from enjoying art on your walls? Not a chance! You can get along with HangSmart. It’s a new technology, which allows you to hang art without putting any holes in the wall. It also levels the frames, so you don’t have to look at crooked paintings.

Hang Open Shelving

Most of the rental apartments have kitchens that are short on storage space. In case you need extra space for your pots & pans, consider adding some inexpensive open shelves, and you can also style them with the prettiest accessories. You would surely be having the less eye-pleasing stuff as well, keep them in your bottom cabinets.


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