How to Setup Home Aquarium for Fish and Decorate It Beautifully?

Setting up Good Home for your cute tropical Pet Fish Require a list of things that you need to get for Better Look of the aquarium as well as for keeping your fish alive in a healthy manner. I will mention both types of things for setting up a fish tank and decorating it with beautiful ornaments.

Things for Setting up Tropical Aquarium

All types of Tropical fishes need Oxygen, water heating devices, filtration systems, Gravel, Air bubbler stone and so on. Let’s discuss all things one by one.

Air Pump & Air Stone

To full-fill the need for oxygen in your water tank, a device must be working 24/7. The device which makes bubbles in the water to provide enough oxygen is called air pump. The air pump consists of an air bubbler stone and a duct connected with it. When you put it on working the air is produced by an air pump and bubbles are produced from the bottom of your aquarium with the help of air stone. There are many shapes of air stones you can buy from the market. Rod Shaped, circle Shaped and more.

Aquarium Heater

As you know that all tropical fishes live in temperate waters and they are unable to maintain their body temperatures as well, they need a proper device that will maintain a good regular temperate for your fish aquarium. The device that performs this function automatically is called an aquarium heater. There are many types of heaters you can buy from the market online, but you may get according to your needs.

Some of them are In-sump heater, in Filter heater, Substrate heater, and so on. They are working According to your needs and type of placement in your fish aquarium. Many manufacturers are providing this device Online. One of the most known companies is Fluval, Eheim Jager, Aqueon, Pen Plex, Aquatop and Tetra Ht. I am using Aqueon Pro heater, Tetra ht heater for small Aquariums, Fluval E Electronic heater for précised heating of my aquarium. You can Read: Unbiased Reviews about Best Aquarium Heaters on MrFishKeeper

Aquarium Filteration

Nowadays everyone is very busy in life. Nobody has proper spare time on a regular basis. But your Aquarium needs Proper maintenance once or maybe twice a week depending on the number of fishes you are keeping in your aquarium. Cleaning aquarium is a very hectic job is it is done manually. For this purpose people used a device called an aquarium filter. The Aquarium filter cleans your water easily by passing it through the sponge. The wastes materials in water can be easily separated. Some people also used carbon Filter or canister filter or hang on filters in the aquarium for better performance.

Things needed to beautify your fish home

There is a number of things that are needed to beautify or decorate your fish home. Some of them are Gravel or Stones, Rocks, Driftwood, Plastic plants, Background wallpaper and many more.

Gravel or Stones

For filling the bottom part of your aquarium, you will need underwater gravel stones. On that fishes used to lay eggs or babies.


Aquarium rocks also Beautify your aquarium but they are also served for the purpose of hiding a pregnant fish for birthing babies.


Driftwood is another ornament to decorate your fish tank. Some People don’t use it because of fungi or hair-like structures found on the surface of the water.

Plastic plants

Plastic plants are also used for the purpose of decoration instead of living plants. Some people only use plastic decorations because some groups of tropical fishes eat live plants.

Background wallpaper

It Serves as the scenery type to hide other things in the background. Your fish feel that it is living in the real home


Your Fish Aquarium is not just like a dark Store where you don’t go for many days to clean it. It is just the same as your house by the way your fish is also a living organism and has the same needs as you have proper oxygen, heating in winter, pure air and clean habitat. Aquarium pump, filter, and heater do this job properly in a good manner. Aquarium also needs some decorations like your living room to look natural.

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