How To Sell Artwork Online & Make Money?

Sell Your Artwork Online

Artwork is said to have originated from the time of human existence. People used different ways and forms of art to show their tribes, cultures, and skills. 

Artwork is one of the most valuable and non-violent ways to express the creator?s imagination, expressions, and thoughts. It is done with the intention to get an appreciation for the beauty and emotional power it represents. The one who creates tangible and exclusive pieces of art just to share the way they experience the world or their institutions & desires is known as an artist. 

Sell Your Artwork Online

With the advancement in technology, development in artwork has also become a comprehensive element. By the way, it is seen that each industry has used digital platforms to sell its services or goods. Today, from shopping to education, every industry has shifted its path towards digitalization. Then, why do artwork sales lag behind? 

The freelancing concept has been in use for the last few years. It has made it possible to get all the services with just one click. Now everyone either a plumber, mechanic, doctor, or artist can offer their services online to people around. This concept has provided employment to all who were dependent on just their physical location (a shop, store, or a clinic, etc.). But now you can get in touch with the person who is in need easily through these freelancing mediums such as Help3r.

Art is not limited to drawing and painting, artists can learn the modern ways of generating artwork. There are specific tools that are used to create designs, banners, and images, and many more. This type of artwork is known as graphic designing and the tools used in these techniques are Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc. You can sell artwork online and make more money. 

Who is a Freelance Artist?

A freelance artist is one who works on his terms, works for himself, and offers services to various clients from different corners of the world. If you excel in any form of art whether it’s painting, drawing, making sculptures, etc., you can sell it on a freelancing platform. 

A freelancer can create physical artwork and sell it online and offline or he can also create digital art and sell it with the purpose of selling it (prints) online. Several people do not want to work under anyone and look forward to doing their work on their terms and comfort. 

But only desiring cannot help, you need to find a platform where you get access to all the things. 

How To Sell Artwork Online? 

  1. E-commerce store:. No doubt it is the best option as you will create your own brand, promote your artwork as you desire, and choose the price as per your choice. But it can create pressure on you as you have to handle customer service yourself. You?ll get the responsibility of fulfilling all orders, shipping, and handling your artwork. This way you will not get enough time to create your artwork and will get stuck around one or another work.?
  2. Online Art Galleries/Auctions: These platforms are quite successful in making an artist a famous personality. If you get selected to be featured in an online art auction this could provide you with a huge amount of money. But the process is quite tough and your art should be attractive and thoughtful. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to selling your art in online galleries, you should have a lot of talent and tenacity. These stores are highly expensive but they also offer a high amount of money.?
  3. Help3r: It is an online freelancing platform where anyone can sell artwork online. This platform is open to all. Anyone who is talented can register on this platform and showcase their skills and portfolio. It helps in bridging the gap between the creators and buyers. It will help you get in touch with the people who really want to get your services. You can sell your artwork and then Help3r verifies from both parties and will release your payment. The major advantage of registering and selling your services on this channel is that it offers a small amount from your payment to the charity to help people in need.?

Register yourself today on Help3r to help people and make money through your talent i.e. selling artwork online.

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