How To Safely Avoid A Data Protection Breach

    Data Protection Breach

    It is difficult to protect data and avoid data protection breach if you are not a computer-literate. You need to be aware of various technical aspects of data protection to avoid the hacking of data. It is said that whenever you are on the phone or up-face with someone, be careful of what you speak and how loud you speak. It may happen that out of excitement you speak out louder for others to hear. Besides, your sensitive data may be stolen by third parties due to several reasons. It might get stolen right from the third-party vendor and when the computer system is used to access data. What you need to do is look for reliable and trustworthy third party vendors when you outsource business functions and parts of it. Before choosing a vendor, get to know about the information security control. Choose the one with a robust security standard and a fabulous risk management system. This is the preventative measure you can adopt towards data stealing and data protection breach.??

    What cyber security risk the vendors pose? 

    If you are outsourcing business functions to the third party vendors who will be accessing your sensitive data and networks, you should know the cyber security risk they pose. Not doing so is extremely risky as that can cause data protection breach. The task of a data protection officer is to assign someone the work of implementing control. For compliance with data protection, you got to choose a compliance manager to take care of the sensitive data. It allows you to keep a track of data, assign and record compliance for the accomplishment of your compliance goals. 

    In order to assess your vendors, you may use security ratings to comprehend security posture and the potential cyber security risks they may pose. 

    Risk management program should incorporate cyber risk 

    It is rightly remarked that prevention is better than cure. What you can do is incorporate cyber security risk into the risk management program for vendors. Whenever there is a data security breach, you can hold the vendors responsible. 

    Who are your vendors?

    It is equally important to maintain the list of vendors whom you outsource parts of business. The only way to assess the risk the third party vendors pose is by maintaining an inventory of the vendors. Perform a cyber security risk assessment on the existing vendors for that can help a lot. 

    Work along with your vendors and collaborate with them. By doing so, you can fix issues relating to data security and risks associated with the vendors. Discuss out third-party risk in detail. Break contract with the one who refuses to offer compliance with data protection

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