How to restore contacts on iPhone


    For many reasons, you may lose your contacts on your iPhone, but the question arises whether there is a way to get the lost iPhone contacts back. This may happen to different iPhone users because of the accidental deletion of telephone numbers and contact details. 

    There are many clues for this, such as sometimes we click the wrong buttons, or sometimes we format our device. Other causes may be mistakenly installing the malware, losing backups, erasing the numbers unintentionally. Due to these reasons, the iPhone users may lose the contacts on their phones but don’t worry; you can restore all your contacts in different ways. 

    Keep this thing in mind that your contacts on the iPhone record your personal social information, including phone number, name, address, mailbox, etc. Although there are many ways to restore the contacts on the iPhone, we will give you five ways with which you can restore your contacts. 

    • Import contacts through sim card
    • Recovering the deleted contacts on iPhone through cloud service
    • Restore iPhone contacts with mini tool mobile recovery for iOS
    • Recovering iPhone contacts from a backup file
    • Restore iPhone contacts from iCloud

    Import contacts through sim card

    However, on the iPhone, you cannot store the communications into your sim card, but there is another way you can import the contacts through your sim card. First of all, copy the contacts from your sim card from your old phone and then import them to your iPhone. This method is only applicable when you are sure that your deleted contacts are still stored in your old sim card. You can also discover them if there are no contacts after inserting the sim card from an old phone to your iPhone. Follow simple steps such as first of all, go to the settings and then go to mail, contacts, calendars, and then import sim contacts on iPhone. After that, your contacts stored in your sim card will be imported into your iPhone directly. 

    Recovering the deleted contacts on iPhone through Cloud Service

    Thanks to google, if you are using google contacts, then the good news is that you can get the deleted iPhone contact through it. The synchronization is also a significant factor with the help of which you can recover your contacts. So when you set your iPhone to synchronize with google contacts, you can restore the connections. 

    • First of all, go to the and then sign in with your apple id and password. 
    • When you are signed in, then click the settings icon. 
    • Then go to the advanced section and click on the restore contacts button. 
    • You can also see the previous archives. Then you must find the date of a library in which your contact list is present; here, you can click restore. 
    • When you click the restore button, it means that you are confirming to begin the restoration process. When you have completed your restoration process, you will get an email on your apple id address. 
    • You must keep in mind that when you are replacing the contacts currently on your iPhone instead of just adding the ones that are missing. 
    • However, before the restoration process, if you add any new contact, it will ultimately be lost. So, fortunately, your current contacts list will be achieved. 

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    Restore iPhone contacts with mini tool mobile recovery for iOS

    Now you can quickly restore your iPhone contacts and other types of data with the help of mini tool mobile recovery for iOS. Keep in mind; it is a professional iPhone data recovery program mostly made to recover any contacts or data. 

    Restoring the contacts from iPhone directly through iOS

    There may be a possibility that you don’t have a habit of making a backup regularly, so when your iPhone contacts disappear accidentally, you will not get them back again. But thanks to iOS devices, you can recover your contacts from iOS devices as it is a great software which is just designed to overcome this situation. So this is the best recovery module to get the contacts back unless or until the new data do not overwrite your lost iPhone contacts.

    • To make all these things possible, you must install the latest iTunes application on the PC. 
    • Connect your iPhone to the computer. 
    • Then open the software. 
    • After that, press the scan button where the scanning process starts. 
    • After a while of the scanning process, you can see the data type placed on the interface’s left side. 
    • When you click on the select contacts button, the software will show your contacts, which you can transfer to your iPhone. 
    • When you get the iPhone contacts that you want to recover, select the recover button, and save your contacts at a particular location. 
    • Consequently, if you’re going to recover all your lost iPhone contacts without limitations, you can get the full edition’s upgraded software. 

    Recovering iPhone contacts from a backup file

    Although you can recover your iPhone contacts from the backup file, what is only applicable to you is that you lost all your data on your iPhone. Otherwise, the existing data will be replaced on your iPhone through to backup. 

    However, you must always put up the backup process at the end because other methods are much better to get the contacts back. Along with all these things, when you restore your contacts from the iCloud or iTunes backup files, then, unfortunately, they will replace all the current data on your phone. Sometimes people do not want to do this. To cover up all these limitations, the manufacturers have made free iPhone data recovery software with the help of which you can get your contacts back. 

    Restore iPhone contacts from iCloud

    If you have saved your iPhone contacts in the iCloud backup file, then there is a possibility that you can restore your iPhone contacts from it. To get the contacts back, you can enter the iCloud official site. For this purpose:

    • First of all, open the, where you must sign in with your apple id and password. The setting icon is present on the lower right side. So click the setting icon. 
    • Next, click the restore contacts button from the left side. 
    • At this time, you will get all the available iCloud versions that are listed in the window with the achieved date and time. 
    • Now, you have to select that version in which you have your contacts. 
    • Then click the restore button where the restoring is started.
    • After some time, the restoring process is completed. 
    • In the end, you will press the done button where all things are restored along with your precious contacts on your iPhone. 


    Your contacts are crucial for you because you have to contact them in your daily life, whether they are your friends, colleagues, clients, and relatives. All of us call all these contacts as well as send them emails and messages. 

    To avoid the loss of contacts on the iPhone, it is a need to take great care of your contacts. There may be other ways to restore the contacts on your iPhone; however, in this article, we have discussed five methods with the help of which you can retrieve your contacts on the iPhone. 


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