How to recover hacked Snapchat account?

    recover hacked snapchat account

    If you also want to know what you can do if your Snapchat account gets hacked or how to recover Snapchat account then you have to read the following article. The article will take you through some interesting features of Snapchat that are unknown to most people. By reading through this article, you will get to know the signs of a hacked Snapchat account and what you can do to recover your hacked Snapchat account if such a situation arises.

    About Snapchat

    Snapchat has grown very fast since its introduction to the social media industry. It has successfully gained millions of users from around the world due to the unique features that are being provided to the users. Snapchat has become a great way of socialising and becoming popular among people of similar interest.

    recover hacked snapchat account

    The unique variety of filters it offers are used by the users to take cute and adorable selfies and make their videos which they can easily share with their friends and family. Along with the features it offers there are several other integrated features that came along with Snapchat, some of these amazing features are:

    • Product Search on Amazon: When you press and hold the image for a few seconds in the Snapchat camera, the image will be sent to Amazon and it will show you the same or related products for that image.
    • Booking Table at Restaurant: You can even book a table at the restaurant using Snapchat and share your experience by reviewing the services.
    • Dog Breed Scanner: This feature will help you know the breed of the dog by scanning its picture.
    • Finding Location: One can even get the locations of various places by using the Apple Maps feature of Snapchat.

    Other than the mentioned above, there are a lot of features that the app offers you. However, with great feature, what came along is the threat of Snapchat account hacked.

    How you will know if your Snapchat Account is hacked?

    Many a time we remain unaware of the fact that our Snapchat account is hacked or somebody else is using it, this happens because of the lack of knowledge of signs of a hacked Snapchat account. It is important to know as your other personal pieces of information are also linked to the account like email address, phone number, etc which can be easily misused by the hacker. If your account is compromised and the hacker got a hold of your email and password, then that person can access everything linked to your email account. 

    Therefore, to prevent that scenario you must know what are the signs for Snapchat account hacked and the steps you should take to prevent further loss of data or information breach. Following are some points that are to be considered if you think your account is hacked:

    • A lot of spam messages are sent from your account. Spams are the messages that are being sent to a number of recipients within a very less time frame and with the same content all along.
    • If you have an email address and phone number linked to your account, check for them if they are still the same or have been replaced or removed without you being knowing.
    • New contacts and persons added to your Snapchat contact list with you being unaware or without your permission.
    • If you receive a notification from Snapchat support that your account is logged in to a new device and at some other location while you haven?t shared your login information with anybody.
    • Whenever you try to access your account, you are continuously being shown the login screen and you are not able to enter your Snapchat account using your login credentials.

    If you are encountering any of the above-mentioned situations or all of them at the same time then you should know that your account is compromised and is under a hacking attack. The next section will take you through how you can recover hacked Snapchat account by following some simple steps.

    How to Recover a Hacked Snapchat Account?

    If you are certain with the fact that your Snapchat account hacked, then you must go through the following steps:

    Step 1: Ensure that an email account or phone number is added to your Account

    The first thing that you need to ensure that any email address or phone number is linked to your account as it will help to verify your identity to Snapchat and you will be able to recover hacked Snapchat account by going through step 2.

    Step 2: Change your Snapchat Account Password

    As soon as you become aware that your account is hacked, then the first thing that you should do is to change your Snapchat account password, it will recover hacked Snapchat account. Following are the steps to do so:

    1. First, you have to go to the Snapchat login page on your desktop.
    2. Below the password field, click on the ?Forgot Password? link.
    3. A window, containing two options for verifying your identity will appear. You have to choose either of them, one is the Phone number and the other is the Email address.
    4. By choosing either of them, you have to enter the phone number or email address, associated with your account, what you have to enter is based on your choice you made previously.
    5. If you have chosen the phone number, you will receive a code on that number which you have to enter in the prompted window. If you have chosen the mail option, then you will receive a mail from Snapchat containing the link, click on that link.
    6. Now, enter a new password. Make sure it is strong enough that it can prevent Snapchat account hacked.

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