7 Tips to Protect Yourself from Dust-mites

    protect yourself from dust mites

    The human eye is a gift that allows us to view our world. This gift, however, has limitations. Most living things on the earth today cannot be seen by the naked eye. These organisms may be minute in size but they can have a great impact on the quality of life of a person. Some groups of these tiny organisms are bacteria, viruses, and mites.

    It is common to overlook mites due to its small size. Yet, these parasites have the ability to cause health problems especially if they are constantly present in a person’s sleeping area. Dr, John Maunder of the Medical Entomology Center states that there are approximately 40,000 dust mites in a 6-year-old pillow alone. Its total weight can even be as high as one-tenth of the pillow’s weight. Imagine how many mites there will be in a 6-year-old mattress. Surely, you’ll need the help of a mattress cleaning Singapore professional.

    Dust mites need to be eradicated because they can cause an allergic reaction. They can induce an asthma attack, chest pains, congestions, runny nose, and other breathing problems. It can also cause skin problems like rashes, hives, and acne. If a person is always experiencing these symptoms whenever he or she comes in contact with a specific area of the house, a mite allergy is highly suspected. It is advisable to consult the family physician for consultation regarding this problem.

    On the brighter side, there are many ways to control mite populations in the house. Here are the 7 ways to protect yourself from dust mites.

    Improve Airflow and Ventilation

    Airflow and good ventilation are important in a home, no matter how small it is. This makes sure that the air you breathe is always fresh. When the air is stagnant, it becomes stale. You constantly inhale the same air, along with the mites that float in it. You can consult a professional HVAC contractor to know the ventilation needs of your home.

    Decrease Humidity

    Mites love humid environments. This allows them to proliferate faster than colder seasons. This is the reason why many mite allergies happen during the summer. To prevent this from happening, you can lower the humidity levels of your home by using your air conditioner or whole-house humidification.

    Use an Air Filter

    Due to its small size, dust mites can easily float in the air. Even though a house has a good ventilation system, the chance of getting a mite allergy is still not eliminated because mites are still currently present in the air. You can use filters in your HVAC system to trap them while the air circulates around your house. It is also recommended that you check these filters once a month and change them. It is time to change them when you will not see light passing through the filter.

    Use an Air Purifier

    You can also use air purifiers in combination with air filters. Air purifiers usually clean the air in a single room only. You can also install this in your air conditioner.

    Buy Anti-Mite Pillows and Mattresses

    There are pillows and mattresses available today that are made with tightly-woven fabric which will not allow a mite to pass through. Also, a cheaper option for these is pillow covers and mattress covers made with the same woven material. Stay away from those made of plastic because they can decrease the comfort while you sleep.

    Clean regularly

    Cleaning cannot be overemphasized when controlling dust mites. It is important to clean and vacuum your homes at least once a week. This will help prevent the build-up of dust and mites in sleeping quarters, carpets, and rugs.

    Clean the Ducts

    You need to clean your ducts once every 5 years by a professional. By doing so, you will be ensured that the air coming out of the ducts is filtered well. This also prevents too much buildup in the ducts that can lead to problems in the future.

    Maintaining a clean home free of dust mites requires you to be proactive. By doing these preventive steps, you will make sure that you are protecting your household from the negative effects of dust mites. You can also consult the professionals if you want guidance on how to maintain clean air inside your home,

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