How to Properly Cut CPVC Pipes for Plumbing?

    cpvc pipes for plumbing

    Before beginning any plumbing project, you have to go through the initial process of measuring the right sizes of the pipes that are required. Once you have the sizes you determine what kind of pipes you need to use. Then you purchase high-quality pipes from reputable CPVC pipe manufacturers.

    After all the above processes are done, its time to cut the pipes to the right sizes for the measurement you took earlier. But if you don?t have the right method to cut a CPVC pipe, you might end up damaging them. In this article, we will go through the right process of cutting CPVC pipes that will preserve the quality of pipe as well.

    cpvc pipes for plumbing


    One of the most common types of tools that are used for cutting pipes, in general, include CPVC pipes is a hacksaw. But before you start cutting, you have to make sure you secure the pipe properly in place so you don?t end up damaging the pipe.

    Use a vice to keep it secure in a position, this will help keep in place and eliminate chances of you cutting yourself with the blade. If you don?t have that, you can instead just use a clamp to secure the pipe. The main aim is to keep the pipe steady for cutting.

    Mark the area

    It’s best to mark the area on the CPVC pipe where you are going to cut them. Use a market, preferably a permanent one, to mark the area where you need to cut the pipe.

    If you are worried about the mark staying on the pipe, you should be able to use rubbing alcohol to wipe off the permanent marker markings. But this shouldn?t be a problem since the mark is outside the pipe and won?t be visible too much since it will be cut from that location.

    Place the Hacksaw

    Now that you have secured the pipe and marked the right area, it?s time to start cutting the pipe. Before beginning, just gently place the hacksaw on the pipe where you need to cut. Push the hacksaw a little bit so that the teeth of the saw sink down into the pipe. This step will ensure that you will not slip while beginning the process.


    Use the hacksaw and saw the pipe, but don?t use too much force to do the same. Don?t be too slow though you want to be fast enough that the cut keeps increasing. And keep yourself at a steady pace, too fast and you might miss the mark as it might slip on CPVC pipe.

    Pipe cutter

    If you want a more precise method to cut the pipe and don?t want to use excessive force, then you should use a pipe cutter. There are special plastic pipe cutters available one that comes with scissor-style and another that comes in ratcheting style.

    If you are using pipes that are small in size, it is recommended to use a scissor-style pipe cutter. But if you are looking to cut large-sized CPVC pipes, it?s better to use ratcheting type plastic pipe cutter, which is ideal for precision cuts on big plastic pipes.

    In some cases, you will require a little bit of arm strength to cut a CVPC pipe, but with a ratchet-style cutter, things can get much easier.

    Miter Saw and box

    One of the easiest ways to cut CPVC pipes and fittings is with a miter saw and a miter box. Generally, you will find a miter box that can help with precision cuts and keeps the pipe steady.

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