How To Prepare Your Website For Google’s User Experience Update?

As if 2020 wasn’t bad enough anymore, Google informed us of an upcoming algorithm update that will definitely drive the SEO guru crazy. Every time Google releases an update, everyone panics. It’s no wonder that a single position drop in your search ranking means you could lose 80% of your regular traffic.

It is a different time now. We rarely know when Google plans to update its algorithm. SEO tools do a good job handling conclusions that suggest an update. But in most cases, we don’t have time to prepare and we don’t know what has changed in the update.

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In this article, I will share everything that I know to help you prepare for the Google User Interface (UX) update.

Get to Know Everything about Google’s User Experience Update

Google’s algorithm is known to none of us. We know nothing. We’ve made educated guesses, some of which help us while the others don’t. This is where the SEO professionals spent all their time wondering what ranking factors Google uses to promote the website on the search engine.

And we are not very close. Obviously, search engines take more than 200 factors into account when crawling, indexing, and ranking a site. We know for sure at least 20 and can probably guess right between 50 and 70.

Today, any website designer looking to optimize their site for search engines will consider factors such as meta tags, headings, meta description, social shares, domain age, backlinks, keyword density, authority, page speed, image optimization, content length, URL, SSL certificate, dwell time, sitemap, reading level, and others.

Black Hat SEO & White Hat SEO

Since we are not much aware of Google’s algorithm, most of what we do is play a guessing game. Sometimes someone discovers something that has a big impact on the rankings, but is not necessarily considered a “good behavior,” in the eyes of Google.

Search engines favor white hat SEO tactics. Typically, these strategies allow the experts to improve website design by making it easier for the user and search engine to understand.

You can simply get into trouble with Black SEO tricks. The tactics such as private link networks, keyword stuffing, and cloaking can simply boost your site’s ranking but it can suffer from penalization. Hence, Google can take action against the site, which means you can face removal from indexing.

The Google updates in the previous times supported most of the Black hat tactics. In 2016, penguin and panda updates became part of Google’s algorithm. It was one of the major updates in the history of Google.

Penguin & Panda Penalties

Basically, the objective of Penguin update is to target manipulative link building tactics. This means it targets poor content. Use of techniques such as content farms, private blog networks, and spam links will cause a Google penalty.

Penguin’s penalty can affect either a one page on your site or your entire domain. Also, it can affect the sites you link to. This means that if a site that links to yours receives a penalty from Penguin, you could suffer the consequences.

Panda’s penalty is easier to avoid and much easier to remove as well. Make sure that all the content on your site is of great value to your users and does not look like guest posts or forums full of spam. This update comes after thousands of users complained about the poor experience they received because of poor quality of content that appears in search engines.

How To Improve Your Site With The Next Update?

Exclude irrelevant pop-ups

Avoid pop-ups as much as you can. However, we can still experience these notifications in some of the websites, and that’s how it ruins our user experience.

You hate them. I know you hate them because everyone hates to see a pop-up in every single click. Why do so many sites still bother you? Pop-up windows block content that people have come to see on your site. If someone tries to close your site, the pop-up won’t stop them. Better content will be.

Not only do they affect the user experience, but they also slow down the speed of your site. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean it’s right or that you should. Just get rid of the traditional tricks of annoying your potential customers.

Mobile-friendly optimization

According to research, search engines respond to two-third of search queries that come from mobile devices. Some companies think they don’t need to worry about optimizing for this platform as it makes up such a small percentage of their traffic.

You are wrong.

With the new algorithm, it assesses your site for mobile-friendliness, no matter if the user experiences the brand that way or not. Google also makes sure that search engine results pages are filled with URLs that provide a great user experience. Without optimizing your website for mobile, you can’t deliver a great user experience to nearly two-thirds of your audience. It costs you to rank your position.

You can definitely hire SEO services if you wish to achieve the best optimization without a flaw.

Put efforts in your content

Google prefers new content every time. This ensures relevance and responds to search queries with up-to-date information. Content marketers should be aware of the fact to get there.

Writing from scratch is quite time-consuming. This is because it requires many things before a fresh piece goes on the internet. From keyword research to competitor analysis, everything contributes to effective content generation for inspiring the users.

Get ready to embrace the change

Google has given us a unique opportunity to precede the next algorithm update. We know they aim to provide a better user experience. Companies like TKDigitals hardly wait to embrace the change, so why you?

This guide is the best to read from top to bottom if you urge improving your site’s user experience. Don’t forget you need to make sure that all of your content is useful, engaging, and up to date. Keep in mind that this is great news for content marketers, as updating old content is much faster than creating new content.

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