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    With the pandemic forcing everyone to stay inside their homes for their safety, a game rose to provide people good entertainment. Among Us became a popular game because of its similarity to the current situation. And by similarities, I mean confinement, blame game, crisis, and doing whatever we can to become productive.

    Moreover, the game became popular because of its interesting gameplay and easy mechanics. The game provided ?drama? in our bleak days during the pandemic as well with its deceptive nature. It had more than 100 million downloads with 3.5 million concurrent players at its peak as of late September.

    To join in the fun and deceptive game of Among Us, will help you with the know-how of the game. From the game instruction to downloading process, this will be your guide. 

    How to Play Among Us

    Anyone can play Among Us, each game room caters up to 10 players. If the player has the code and is in the same region, they can enter the game room. They can also enter public game rooms and play with random people. In the game, roles are given randomly so there won?t be a way to tell who is who. Except when the players themselves reveal it prematurely–which ruins the game. 1-3 players are selected as impostors and the rest are crewmates.

    Basically, you will be aboard in a spaceship with a certain role and tasks. As an impostor, your job is to kill the crew of the ship without getting caught. Once the majority of the crew is dead, then the impostors win. You could also sabotage the ship?s equipment to prevent the crew from accomplishing their tasks. Moreover, destroying major equipment such as the reactor and oxygen successfully can make you win the game. To avoid suspicion, you can pretend that you?re doing tasks like the crew.

    On the other hand, being a crewmate means finishing several tasks to win the game. Some of those tasks include repairing electrical wires, emptying the trash, and scanning samples on Med Bay. Make sure to always watch out for other players while doing your tasks because you?ll never know who is out to kill you. Moreover, the crew can also eject the impostors to win. However, be careful, you might end up ejecting the wrong person.

    The fun and deception starts during the discussion part of the game. It begins with someone reporting a dead body or conducting an emergency meeting. It can be done by both the impostor and crewmate. The impostor can pretend that they didn?t kill the person or frame another. On the other hand, the crew can mistakenly believe an impostor and eject an innocent player. After ejecting the player, their identity will be revealed. It is up to the player?s instinct, analysis, and deception to gain the upper hand.

    Download Among Us using

    If you download Among Us on PC using, you will get to enjoy playing the game having a larger screen. You can also use our key mapping tool for ease of use. Aside from that, you don?t have to worry about storage issues either. Our game launcher can operate even on low-end PCs without the hard-drive crashes.

    You know what the best part is? It?s that the game is free. The only monetization you have to worry about is purchasing cosmetic changes, which most players are doing a lot since they are undeniably cheap. But this is optional so there?s no pressure. It?s just fun to have a statement piece on your character, though. There will be several skins and other nonsense you can purchase. 

    If you wish to be part of this deception ordeal, you can download the game on your PC by following these easy steps:

    1. First, go to the Among Us page.?
    2. Click or Tap on the big bright yellow ?Play Now? button. The client download will now begin. It will only take a couple of minutes, don?t worry.?
    3. Once the download is complete, go to your downloads folder and search for the recently downloaded file. When you find it, you can either double click on it or right click and run as administrator.
    4. The game launcher will now begin installing. Once it?s done, you can finally use the game launcher to download Among Us. Just use the search bar to find it.?
    5. In the game?s main page, you will see a ?Install Now? button on the right side of the screen. You will just have to click on that to start installing.
    6. Once it is done, it will create a shortcut on your desktop to easily access the game without the need to open the game launcher.?
    7. You can now play the game on your PC. Enjoy!

    Now that the game launcher is installed on your PC, you will get to access, download, and install hundreds of unblocked popular games that we offer. Be sure to check out on that!

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