How To Pick The Right Wheels for Trailers?

The harvest is nearing, and you’ve just checked the state of your trailers’ agricultural tyres, which have been sitting idle for the winter. You might have learned that you need a replacement. However, you have no idea which tyres to get to replace them. Here are some insights to help you choose the right wheels for trailers and other pieces of machinery like a spreader or silt bucket.

Agricultural Trailer Tyres: Key Features

In contrast to tractor tyres and other self-propelled farm equipment, trailer tyres are not used to transfer tractive force. Since they are load-bearing tyres, their value is sometimes overlooked as opposed to drive-wheel tyres. Agricultural trailer tyres, on the other hand, are just as necessary as tractor tyres. Unfit tyres can, in reality, compress the soil and reduce efficiency. When cultivating or expanding around a wide area of ground, all of this becomes far more necessary when choosing wheels for trailers.

The Conditions That Every Good Trailer Wheels Must Meet!

They must handle significant and varying loads (load / unload cycle) and move at different speeds. In reality, trailers can drive at high speeds on the road while also moving slower in the fields on the same day. These two categories of applications necessitate distinct tyre specifications.

wheels for trailers
  • It is essential to prevent soil compaction and the forming of furrows while driving in the region, increasing the surface contact with the ground and decreasing the friction.
  • On the track, the tyre must have low rolling resistance to minimize tractor strength and, as a result, fuel usage.

So, first, check with your rim manufacturer if the tyre he is offering has the potential to fulfill your needs.

Type of Agricultural Tyre to Choose

The first stage is to decide whether you want radial or diagonal tyres.

  • Softer radial tyres deform sooner, allowing for more load distribution on the field and fewer crop compaction. Because of their softness, they withstand movements more effectively, making them more comfortable. It is vital since the job during harvesting times (harvesting, ensiling, etc.) is very intense and stressful. Improved comfort decreases exhaustion.
  • If the surface is rough or sloping, though, wheels for trailers would be more fitting than diagonal tyres since the hardness of their sidewalls allows them to be heavier and more durable.

Dimensions of the Tyre

To reduce the effect of operating trailers in the fields, use larger, low-pressure tyres (often called flotation tyres). The tyre’s diameter allows for the distribution of heavy loads, and the large amount of air it holds provides for an improvement in allowable load without raising pressure. And, since the pressure exerted on the ground is proportional to the pressure exerted on the rubber, low pressure will restrict compaction.

Tyre Profiles

Trailer tyres have distinct and very unique profiles depending on the wheel or rim manufacturer:

 Tyre with Knobs

Some tyres, unlike drive wheels, do not have bars but rather blocks. The knobs have superior results on the track but can have some difficulties grinding compared to the bar tyres, which may pass a lot of dirt on the ground while exiting the fields. Manufacturers, on the other hand, are competing to develop a technology that can solve this disadvantage.

Bar Tyre

Other wheels for trailers employ a bar mechanism to guarantee decent field efficiency while still providing adequate self-cleaning. Due to the intense usage of the lane, these tyres may experience more noticeable wear than those with knobs in transportation.

Mixed Tyres

Some tyres use bars and lugs to maintain a balance between the fields and the lane. In this scenario, the dowels are usually in the middle, while the bars are oriented outwards.

Summing Up

When selecting tyres, you should consider how much time you spend on the roads and in the fields to choose the profile that better fits your needs.

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