How to pick a driving school?- Expert Guidance

Are you confused about how to pick a driving school in Melbourne?

Here are the things you should keep in mind while picking a perfect driving school that suits you.

Ask Questions:

You must ask questions to your friends who have already learnt to drive. How was their experience? What are the difficulties they faced while learning to drive? We’re the teachers good enough to teach them driving? How many lessons did they take? And the list goes on. Asking questions gives you an idea of how you will be handling your driving lessons.

driving school in Melbourne


You must always research and inquire before joining a driving school, check out all the local driving schools in your area, go to their websites, and find out every detail about the driving school and the curriculum they’ll be teaching.


Before joining any driving school, go to that driving school personally and see and observe how they are teaching and how they are treating you. Keeping their behaviour and attitude will help you to get to know them better.

Check the ratings of the instructors:

 While you research online on their website, see what the rating given to all their instructors is. Check their descriptions and their qualifications which might be mentioned on their website. They should have the proper capability to teach driving professionally with experience. This aspect is vital because it’ll help you guide precisely.

Driving School:

You must always ask people about the driving schools already in Melbourne City and join a driving school with a good name and reputation in that area. Going personally and enquiring would give you an idea of how different driving schools work.


Whenever you go to enquire, ask them about the curriculum, how will the lessons go, what would be the duration of the driving lessons, will they provide the theoretical knowledge as well; ask about all these questions when you go for enquiries.

Check out their Cars:

 While you go for an enquiry, see and check out their cars and observe which would be good for you to ask them for that particular car when you take your driving lessons.


Ask them about the practice sessions, will they give practice sessions differently or during the lessons only, till how much time will you get the car for practice, will you be practising on the roads, all these are important to know.


Talk to the instructor and ask about their experiences and qualifications, from how many years they taught in that particular Driving School and where they taught driving.


 Check out and enquire about all the driving courses which they provide from the introductory driving course to the advanced one, and is there any unique driving course for the ones who are the beginners or the first-timers.


Check out the history of the driving school and from how many years they are in existence. Also, how did they come into existence, and who is the Founder of the CEO of that Driving School.


 As there are people with different accents and languages in Melbourne, what would be the instructional language for the students and instructors?

Requesting a particular instructor:- many people are culturally biased, and they also belong to orthodox families, so is it possible that we could ask a male or female instructor for us as a student.

Free pickup and drops:

Free pickup and drops are generally given by most of the driving schools, but that’s valid for some specific locations only, so ask this as well for your convenience.

Success Rate:

 Keep in check with the success rate of that driving school as most of them say that their success rate is 99.99% but ask the past students who have already learnt from that driving school, also ask them what all problems they faced while learning driving.

Driving Test:

 Will the theory test and practical Test be taken care of by this driving school, and they will teach the theoretical part and give notes to study for the online theory test.

Here are all the things to keep in check before joining a driving school. Ask as many questions as you want to while enquiring from any driving school in your local area. And in Melbourne, Australia, the most affordable and well-known driving school is Darshan Driving School, which has professional instructors who teach driving straightforwardly and smoothly with many years of experience as a driving instructor.

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