How to Move a House in Perth Without Stress?

Be it for an interstate move — or within the city, everyone hopes their home shifting ordeal to be stress-free! But the probability of that happening is almost impossible! The good news is that removalists in Perthcan help you make this process smooth — and free from stress!

And while we know there are a million things you’ve planned, here are a few that can make this entire shifting seamless:

Ensure you Book Your Removalist Early

The faster the process of choosing gets out of your way, the better it is. Perth is a busy city, and removalists get booked relatively fast. So when it comes to hiring professionals or getting a van/trailer and doing it yourself, it is recommended that you book in advance to ensure you get the date you need.

Check for Insurance

No one likes it when a piece of their precious furniture is broken. And while the emotional cost cannot be filled, it’s great to know that the actual price would be taken care of with insurance. You should try to organize your contents and check if the removalists have insurance. It’s best to get these matters out of the way and sorted, especially before packing and unpacking starts; it’s easy to forget even the most important things.

Don’t Forget Documents

At least two weeks prior to the big move, make sure you change your address and organize amenities. You will need to change your address details with banks, the licensing center, medicare, etc. Alongside, do ensure that you contact your electricity, gas, telephone, internet, and water services. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Inform them you will be vacating your old premises
  • Tell the services you need to be contacted at your new property

The last thing you want is to find yourself spending your first night in your gorgeous new home without electricity.

Hoard on Packing Boxes

You can check with your local hardware store for packing boxes. Of course, asking your neighbors or friends is also an option. Many movers do provide or lend packing boxes. Check with them because you will need a ton of those!

Keep Everything Together

Whatever needs to go should be placed together. It is highly recommended that you keep everything you need in one easily accessible bag or box. This includes a packing tape, a thick black marker for labeling, and a Stanley knife.

Do Label

As good as you can be at memory games when it is time to pack and seal boxes, this is a whole new game. Label and write on the box. A great hack here is always to label both the top and side of each box. In case the box is stacked sideways, you can still read the labels.

Be Smart About Packing

You should see a few videos and get tips on smart packing. Basically, the idea is to squeeze in more where possible. Don’t just throw things in anywhere. Doing so just makes the unpacking at the other end a very long and frustrating task.

Alongside, Don’t Forget to:

Defrost and empty the fridge the day before the move to avoid leaks.

Keep clothing in the hanger. When packing, wrap a bin liner up and over the whole lot, leaving hangers out the top.

  • Check what is already packed.
  • Make the most of the space by filling baskets, bags, and suitcases.
  • It is suggested that you put heavier items in suitcases to avoid carrying them and roll them with ease.
  • Use good tape on electronic items
  • If you have pets or kids at home, make sure you organize a babysitter or pet minder.
  • In case the house is not furnished, have sleeping bags as an alternative
  • Have a bag packed with basics, including toothbrushes, change of clothes, and pajamas.
  • In a rush, don’t forget your pet’s food.

Keep an Essentials Box

An essential aspect here is to pack a box with bin liners, cleaning products, toilet paper, coffee, and tea. These are essentials or the little things you will need for your first day/night.

Moving Day

The best removalists in Perth are there to help you with this. And you have to work alongside the removalists if you want to reduce the time it takes to move by doing some of the following.

You can explain or tell them how to dismantle any furniture that needs to be broken down to transport, including beds, flat packs, and bookcases that are not made to be moved in one piece.

Arranging the items in order of need is another tip. Do make sure that you disconnect electrical equipment and dishwasher/washing machine hoses.

Yes, moving cannot be completely stress-free, but with these nifty tips, you can make everything go as smoothly as possible, meaning you can enjoy life in your brand new home even sooner! And we at CTmovers are there to make sure that you leave the stress to us!

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