How to Migrate AWS WorkMail to Office 365

Migrate AWS WorkMail to Office 365

If you are a user of AWS WorkMail and want an effective migration solution to O365, hold this blog here, you will find the methods to migrate AWS WorkMail to Office 365 in simple ways. Because there is no free method available for this specific task so, go with Amazon WorkMail Backup Tool for a quick migration process. Before starting the conversion procedures, have a look at AWS WorkMail and Office 365 in short.

Introduction to AWS WorkMail and Microsoft Office 365

AWS (Amazon Web Services) WorkMail is a widely used platform for E-commerce products like Books, Electronics items, apparel, Home Appliances, etc. As well as it provides emailing services too, like other email service providers. On the other hand, Microsoft 365 is another level of email service provider, which is universally known as a cloud service provider, along with great productivity utilities like SharePoint, Outlook 365, and many more.

However, O365 is a highly recommended email service used for many purposes as compared to AWS WorkMail by users. That’s why there are a plethora number of users who want to migrate AWS Workmail to Office 365. But what are the main causes behind it let’s know in the upcoming section.

Advantages Behind AWS WorkMail to Office 365 Migration

There are a lot of reasons why users changed their minds to go with MS 365 over a quite popular AWS WorkMail service.

  • Many IT professionals use O365 because of its great features and simple GUI.
  • Office 365 provides real-time sharing and a OneDrive cloud storage feature that allows you to store up to 1TB of data elements.
  • O365 comes up with a package of many online programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Skype, and others.
  • MS 365 supports many tasks like Video Conferencing, IM, Online Meetings, Audio,

The above-mentioned advantages are the main reasons to transfer AWS WorkMail to Office 365. As we said formerly, there is no manual method here for the provided task. Therefore, simply go with the advanced tool to get better results and error-free output without facing any hassle.

Professional Approach to Migrate AWS WorkMail to Office 365

In this section, we will walk you through an advanced tool that is much sufficient for the completion of the mentioned task. Amazon WorkMail Backup Tool is the finest utility that is highly capable to migrate AWS WorkMail emails to Office 365 account. Also, it enables you to backup and export Amazon WorkMail emails to different file formats and is transferable to various email clients along with O365. Now, let’s know software working how it will help me to complete the given task.

Steps to Import Amazon WorkMail to Office 365

Here, you will see the tool procedures in a stepwise manner which helps you in migrating your emails from Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 mailbox.

  • Download and Install the Amazon WorkMail Backup Tool.
  • After that, launch the tool on your system.
  • Here, Sign in with the credentials also with your Amazon Domain Name.
  • Now, check the folders from the Amazon WorkMail mailbox and click Next.
  • Next, select the email client as O365 from the drop-down menu.
  • Here, log in with the Office 365 username and a third-party app password.
  • Finally, hit the Convert button to start the AWS WorkMail to MS 365 migration.


In this blog, we have seen the advantages to switch from Amazon WorkMail to Microsoft 365. Therefore, many users have the same query about how to migrate AWS WorkMail to Office 365 directly. As a solution, we provide the best reliable and top-notch utility to accomplish the given task in this blog, with the assertion of your data security.

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