How To Match Your Eyebrow Color To Your Hair Colour?

There are many different aspects of makeup application that you must learn. Learning how to do your brows should come after learning how to color-match your foundation and how to highlight. Our faces are frequently covered in scarves, goggles, and protective face masks throughout the winter to shield us from the cold, making our eyes a main point of attention. Getting your brows just right is crucial for creating the ideal impression because they may completely alter your beauty look by framing your features. If you just changed the color of your hair, it may be difficult to match the color of your brows to the new shade (especially if you don’t want them to reveal you’re natural hair color). However, applying eyebrow makeup need not be a challenging process; all you need to know are the proper techniques. So that you can get it perfect every time, have a look at these five considerations for matching your hair color to your brow color.

Your body’s hair is typically all the same color, as is normal. You might have body hair that is lighter in color, but that primarily relies on your grooming routine. However, the majority of people have the same color hair and eyebrows. When you dye your hair, use eyebrow tint, get yourself henna brows, or there is naturally occurring pigment fading from aging, it can be different (since eyebrows grey slower than your mane). Having said that, is it required that your eyebrows constantly match the color of your hair? Let’s investigate?

The general guideline for an aesthetically pleasing brow color

One of the most significant facial features is your brows. Depending on their shape, they might draw attention to particular characteristics of your face. But they don’t necessarily need to match your hair color when it comes to color. The general guideline for keeping a pleasing brow color is:

– Your eyebrows should be two shades darker than your hair if you have lighter hair, such as grey or chemically lightened hair.

– Your eyebrows should be two shades lighter than your hair if you have darker hair, such as brunettes or girls with red hair.

When choosing the MOST attractive tint for your natural or colored hair, follow this criterion. Because, let’s face it, changing your eyebrow tint every time you get a new hair color is not a good idea, and eyebrow tinting may be hard on your brows.

How to keep your eyebrows’ original color?

The final word when choosing an eyebrow color that goes with your hair is to go with your intuition. The pigment that is found beneath your skin is what gives your brows their color. The natural color is therefore the greatest and most attractive tone for your skin tone. The majority of MUAs advise keeping your brows’ natural color.

If your hair is outrageously colored, ask your hairstylist to make you a special tint for your eyebrows that doesn’t quite match but still looks good on you.

We also like to point out that bleaching your brows is never a good idea! Because bleach damages the follicles, your eyebrows may turn orange and even sprout as a result. Therefore, avoid using bleach!

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