Wondering How to Make Your Old Car Removal Easy? Read This!

old car removal easy

A broken-down car or an old car in the yard is becoming an eyesore for many of the Aussies, especially during this quarantine. While sitting at home, you must be finding out ways to make your old car removal easy. Also, you would be getting confused about whether you want to sell the whole car or send it to a scrap metal yard or just simply give it away. Well, you can take the correct decision after knowing the condition of your car.

Oftentimes, repairing a broken car or an old car is too costly and even not worth it. And to help you, Melbourne has come up with a scheme called cash for old cars. According to that, automobiles will be dismantled and recycled for spare parts or scrap metal. Are you still wondering? If yes, then stop thinking and keep reading the blog as we have shared 4 options for getting rid of your old car.

Options for Getting Rid of your Old Car

Selling: There are multiple ways to sell your car. You can either approach a dealer directly or go through an ad listing process. If you choose the erstwhile option, then there are chances to get less than your expectations as they are solely to make a profit. If you are thinking to choose the latter one, then keep advertising costs in your mind. Either way, makes a profitable decision.

Scrapping: This is the finest way to get some quick cash but do remember to go for a reliable dealer. Before putting a stamp on one dealer, verify whether it is a registered one or not. Generally, they provide you a quote and you need to take the decision in a time period. They will value the car on the basis of the current price of the scrap material, the current value of similar cars, etc.

Giving it away: If your car is in a working condition, then you can give away your keys to your needy friends or relatives. Or else, you can earn some brownie points by giving your old working car for a good cause in charity.

Trade-in your car: In most of the cases, car removal for cash is very easy as this one. After accessing your car, the dealer will tell you the selling price and it will be bargainable. Once you lock-in the amount, you need to hand over the ownership documents to the dealer.

The only minus point here would be, you will get a lower price for your old car. But on the other side, you will be saving time. Also, you can take the help of any unwanted car removal companies in Melbourne to get the process done smoothly.

After reading the options, you will be pretty excited to sell your car at a great return. Right? Further, we have listed down 4 tips to sell your car at the highest return.

Tips to get rid of your old car for the maximum cash

1. Prepare the proof of car ownership:

If you want to sell your old car, proper ownership documentation of the same is mandatory. Otherwise, dealers will not accept the trade-in of your car. In case, you are not the real owner of the car, get the ownership before selling it. Do not skip this process; otherwise, your selling process will be delayed.

2. Determine the value of the car:

To come up with the value of your car, first, you need to evaluate your car damages. To get the exact value, it�s important for you to have accurate information about the condition of your car. Because whenever you�ll move around asking for prices, dealers will ask you about the condition of your car.

In addition to it, make sure that your car is fit to be used on the road. This is one of the effective tips to get maximum cash for your old car since no one will pay more for an unroadworthy car. In case your car is not fit to be used on the road, then you can repair and fix the car to improve its value. Moreover, you must know the reality that a roadworthy car will pay you more than an un-roadworthy car.

On top of that, you will also save your delivery cost as you can drive your car to the junkyard.

3. Juxtapose different prices:

You should juxtapose different prices to fix a dealer. For this, you will need to call or visit various dealers in your neighbourhood or nearby cities. Sometimes, different city dealers pay a good amount of money as compared to the car�s model and condition. So, it�s worthwhile to take a drive to nearby cities to get maximum cash for your old car.

As mentioned earlier, prepare a list of damages of your car to simplify your selling process.

4. Create space for easy removal:

Once you have locked up the deal, do not forget to take off all your personal items from your old car. Even if it is unused for a longer time, check the glove compartment, trunk, etc. as things could be cluttered there. Because regretting after selling the car wouldn�t make sense.

Also, remove your ID cards, license plates, and insurance cards from the car since it contains important information about the driver. Besides that, you need to know a few things before selling your old car to a wrecker. It includes giving enough space to a wrecker to take away your old car and devastate it. Also, if you own another car which is in good condition, then park it away from your home.

Final wrap:

There you have it, your friendly guide for helping your car removal easy along with making money. You can even make more money by selling your car�s working parts individually. You just need to keep an eye on the mechanic during the dismantling of your car�s body parts.

You are the owner as well as the decision-maker, therefore decide the best option to get rid of your old car and convert the junk into cash.


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