Amazing Tips To Make A Wikipedia Page For Your Company

Wikipedia is one of the amazing sites where you can find all the information. If you are an internet user you know that whatever you search on Google, Wikipedia is always on the top. It has the data you need.

Create a Wikipedia page for your company if you want to boost the company. It is one of the most used sites on the internet. Here are some steps that will help you in creating a page for your company. If you want to know how to create a Wikipedia page for your company, you can follow these steps too. These steps will make your task easy.  

Start with research

Research is the basic step to create an authentic page. It will be difficult if you don’t have enough info about the product. Search all the content related to your company. After collecting all the data, note down some points you need to focus on while writing on your page.

It is not necessary that all written facts on the internet are correct. Make sure you double-check your facts or information before writing. Furthermore, you need to learn about the Wikipedia community, its rules, and guidelines. Learning all the do’s and don’ts will help you to create your page easily. You can read articles, blogs, or even the Wikipedia guidelines available on the site before creating your account.

Build an account on Wikipedia

You have to build an account first if you want to work on Wikipedia. It is really simple to create an account. Go to the site, the option “create an account” available on the top right of the page. After clicking on that you have to add all the info like your username and password then click on create an account.

Be an autoconfirmed user

Before creating a page you have to become an autoconfirmed user. It helps in promoting a page and editing your article. After creating an account on Wikipedia, a box will appear on the screen “help improve Wikipedia” with a link that will help you in editing.

There are some guidelines that you need to follow to be an autoconfirmed user. After reading all the guidelines click on the ‘edit a page’. The Edit link will be going to appear on the top of every paragraph.

Create a page

Once you became an autoconfirmed user, start creating your page, and for that, click on the “writing an article page” on Wikipedia. The option “Article Wizard: an easy way to create articles” will appear on that page, click on that. This option will help you in creating your own page.

Then add all the info about your company. Make sure you use easy words in article so that new users can connect or understand your business easily.

Add citation to your page

Citing is really important in Wikipedia. It is the largest encyclopedia available online you have to add a citation to your content. Citation increases the authenticity of your page. Adding only your business info is not enough. You need a third source like printed material or online material to prove the authenticity of your article.

When you create a page, the rules of referencing and notability shows on the screen by the Wikipedia article wizard. These rules include all warnings and instructions by wikipedia, which you need to follow before creating an article.

Submit your page for review

After completing all the steps don’t forget to get reviews on your content. Reviews help you to improve your page. Submit the document or article you wrote for reviews. They are going to check your page and decide whether it is worthy or not. Once you clear all the tests, you can easily upload all your content on the Wikipedia page.

Update and add more information to your page

Updating your info helps to improve the credibility of your page. Add new facts about your company on the page. You can also include all the achievements and development of the company but not forget to cite that data. 

Being the most up-to-date page will boost the views on your page. This way you can also maintain the trust of your customers in your brand and company.

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