How Flipkart Works, How to Start Flipkart like a Website for Ecommerce Business?

Succeeding an online business mainly depends on the ecommerce website you develop. If you analyze the success rate of many leading ecommerce giants you will realize how far their websites have supported them to reach this place. Among all multivendor marketplace platforms, Flipkart is considered to be the most prominent and renowned multivendor marketplace that owns millions of active users. After analyzing the profit share of Flipkart, now every entrepreneur wants to know how to make a website like Flipkart. This is mainly because we all build a multivendor marketplace platform mainly to earn profit and we would always like to follow the one who has already succeeded in this field. So before jumping to how to create a website like flipkart, it is very essential to understand how this platform achieved its goal and how it stands out in the digital market.

About Flipkart

Flipkart is the most reliable multivendor marketplace platform that was initiated in 2007, has empowered millions of small businesses to compete in the online shopping industry. The company started its journey by just selling books online and then after showing consistency in its performance it has moved to other categories. Flipkart is the first multivendor marketplace platform in India to reach $1 billion mark. Easy product categorization, higher brand recognition, and economical prices have made this ecommerce giant to stand ahead of its competitors like Amazon, eBay and many more.

Flipkart – Trusted features of this multivendor marketplace platform.

After knowing the facts about Flipkart it is quite normal to get curious to know how to build a website like Flipkart. We will first go through the salient features of this multivendor marketplace platform and then we study on how to develop a website like Flipkart.

  • Massive range of products – since millions of vendors are connected with this platform, you can find more number of products with unimaginable prices.
  • Hassle-free order management – this is the key aspect that retains the vendors to stay with Flipkart for a long period. The automated order management system available in Flipkart supports the vendor to easily plan his orders and deliver them to customers on time.
  • Individual attention for vendors – each vendor will be provided a separate page and an intuitive dashboard that will allow the vendor to monitor his performance in this multivendor marketplace platform.
  • Multiple payment options – this attracts more buyers to the platform as the buyer is highly concerned about the payment mode. They will have all familiar payment gateways and multiple payment options that facilitate them to decide on buying the product in this platform.
  • Multiple shipping options – when we provide multiple options to customers on how to ship their products then definitely we can gain their trust on our platform. Flipkart impresses its buyers by providing numerous shipping options.
  • Easy returns and refund policy – this is really a headache for any multivendor marketplace platform. Flipkart handles this issue in a unique way and makes sure that its customers are happy with this feature.
  • Special deals and offers – Flipkart provides frequent offers and deals when compared to other competitors like Amazon, eBay, etc. You can find ‘Big Billion Sale Day’ offers then and there. In that particular period the platform will gain huge profit.
  • Quick loading time – most of cart abandonment happens mainly due to poor site performance. This is overcome by Flipkart as its site has quick loading time. Customers will not get irritated by waiting for the page to get loaded.

All these features have a vital role in making this multivendor marketplace platform a grand success in the digital market. More attention is given to satisfy both sellers as well as buyers. Now it is the right time to know how to build a website like Flipkart. let us get into the step by step procedures that are needed for the development.

How to make a website like Flipkart?

Building a website like Flipkart can be carried out in two common ways. First one is to build the website from scratch and the second one is to go for a readymade solution that will inherit all the features of Flipkart. The first method needs more time and money to invest as it involves many skilled developers who will build the site from the scratch after getting the complete requirement from your end. The second process is quite simple and easy as you can instantly launch the readymade multivendor marketplace platform and start earning immediately. This is highly advisable for any startups who want to build a website like Flipkart with a minimum budget.

Flipkart’s marketing strategy

Flipkart follows a separate marketing strategy and it keeps changing over a period of time. This multivendor marketplace platform keeps analyzing the market trends and gets updated along with the trends. Flipkart introduced the revolutionary ‘Cash on Delivery’ option to customers and this strategy attracted the major audience as there was an aversion in the past decade on paying and buying things online. After this option was introduced by this multivendor marketplace platform, people felt comfortable to pay after they received their products.

Flipkart focused much on digital marketing and the major budget of this multivendor marketplace platform is spent on digital platforms for marketing and promotion. This has increased the brand awareness in greater levels. Flipkart gained higher customer engagements as the platform was available in all social media channels. It also spent more on running multichannel marketing campaigns and it worked out well. The complaints that Flipkart received from its customers are then and there solved and this has increased the platform credibility. Flipkart introduced ‘Flipkart Kidults’ that promoted flipkart fashion and the idea is about making kids act like adults. This gave a separate reach and huge fan base for this multivendor marketplace platform.


Flipkart worked more on customer satisfaction and never missed to delight its vendors. Because these two categories are pillars of any multi vendor marketplace platform. So if you want to succeed like Flipkart then you need to keep its features and strategy in mind and develop a perfect multivendor marketplace platform that will fulfill the demands of buyers and sellers.

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