How To Make Your ATV Tires Last Longer

ATV tires are an investment, so it�s crucial that you get the most out of these key parts. Whether you�re gearing up for a race weekend or taking your ATV out for a trip around your property, find out how to get the most out of your investment with some preventative maintenance tips. Explore the top tips to maintain your tires and where to turn for a replacement set.

Conduct Regular Pre Inspections on Your ATV Tires

One of the most important steps you can take is inspecting your tires. Take a look at those key components to see if there are any signs of damage. You aren�t going to go very far if your rocky terrain ATV tires or other types of tires have one of these issues:

  • Cracks
  • Puncture
  • Low air
  • Bald spots
  • Uneven wear

An inspection not only helps you spot the early warning signs of wear, but also keeps you safe. Don�t wait until you blow a tire out on the trail, but swap out these items before things get bad and you lose control of your ATV.

Don�t Overload Your Ride

Your off-road vehicle has a weight limit for a reason. While it may be tempting to load down the rear with camping gear or tell your friend to hop on, this could prematurely damage your tires. Check the weight rating on the vehicle and on your tires and avoid reaching or exceeding it.

ATV racing tires

Keep Your ATV Tires Out of the Sun

Direct sunlight can damage the sidewalls of tires. Just like your automotive tires, ATV racing tires exposed to sunlight over time can dry out and crack. This can cause a slow leak and, over time, completely deflate them.

Store your tires away from direct sunlight and inspect them after storage for signs of cracks or low tire pressure. If you can�t store your ATV indoors, consider a cover to avoid excess sun exposure.

Fill Up Your Tires

Low tire pressure may be a problem, but the bigger issue is driving on flat tires. Don�t hop on your ATV if the tires are low. Practice checking the PSI of your tires before hopping on and fill them up to the recommended level.

This ensures only the tread that�s designed to come in contact with the tread does, rather than running on the side walls. It also gives you the traction you�re used to, allowing you to stay in control of your off-road rig.

Rotate Your Tires

Solve uneven wear issues by rotating your ATV tires. Just like automotive tires, these off-road components wear unevenly as you slide around curves and blast down straight stretches. Rotate them every few months to keep them feeling fresh and ready to take on any track.

Invest in a Quality Set

While you can�t expect tires to last forever, you can expect them to hold up to your off-road adventures. Pick up a quality set of ATV tires by shopping online for highly rated brands and styles. Pick up a set of rubber that�s built to last and ready to handle anything that might happen on the trail.

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