How to Maintain your Beauty Routine During and After the Lockdown?

The entire planet has been given a break during these precarious times with the outbreak of such a deadly virus. We have been forced to stay indoors and isolation from the outside world has been made mandatory. Many people feel daft and restless being shut down inside the house and not able to go out but women who earlier did not have time for they might find this time as a boon to pamper themselves. Women focus most on their beauty and try to look younger for a longer time. Some women might even have an extreme routine for getting these results. However, the lockdown has disrupted a few of these routines.

So, instead of sulking about what cannot be done, you can move on to what are the ways in which you can get the best skin and hair so that you get back to the world with a vibrant look after the lockdown. You can get the help of professional beauty services in Bangalore to assist you in a few of the endeavors like removing body hair or trimming your hair or providing you with some sanitized facials or clean-ups but you need to do few of the things on your own. This is not the time to get lazy but an opportunity to gain a better beauty standard for you.

Here are a few things that you can do during and after the lockdown that will enhance your chances of having a younger-looking skin and an elegant persona.

1.Treating your skin with respect

We have been taking the short cut to look fabulous with make-ups and instant beauty products because before the lockdown life was a hectic affair. No one had time for indulging in proper skincare apart from the weekends because our routine lives revolved around going to the office, working, getting back home, working, and finally getting a tired and flustered sleep. But now you have all the time you need. Start by avoiding using chemical products and putting on makeup each and every day. They clog your pores and make your skin harsh. Try face serums, organic masks, and natural essences to boost your skin. Make your skin look younger by the bare-faced look which consists of glowing skin and maybe just a little bit of make-up.

2.Sanitizing your make-up kit

How long have you been using that make-up kit of yours and haven’t had time for proper cleaning those brushes and products? With deadly viruses, it’s time to sanitize and start using a clean make-up kit so that no bacteria or viruses might contaminate your make-up kit and then eventually infect you. Start with the cleaning of the different brushes that you have like contour brush, foundation brush, powder brush, highlight brush, etc. Clean them in hot water and some detergent or liquid shop along with disinfectants. Wipe all your beauty products with disinfectant liquid or wipes. Through away all your used cotton or any previously used products that you might have been using outside the house. You can call up expert beauticians at home in Bangalore to even provide you with best sanitized spa and salon services without you going through any of these hassles.

3.Reducing shampooing your hair frequently

Using oil in your hair has been ruled out by many women in the present day scenario. Hair becomes sticky and looks tacky if we nourish our hair with oil too much. We have been used to shampooing our hair more frequently throughout the week so that they can look shiny and silky. But in reality, this has been damaging our hair rather than enriching them. During the lockdown and even after that change your habit of using more oil and washing you’re hairless. Also, try to reduce using dye or chemicals on hair and treating your hair harshly by straightening them. Being natural has its own uniqueness.

4.Adding some simple techniques to enhance your overall look

There are just very few simple techniques and habits that can go a long way in getting that glowing and attractive natural elegance to you. Start using some natural body scrub to clog out the skin pores. You can make some by using brown sugar and coconut oil along with some essential oil. Speaking of coconut oil, you can practically use coconut oil for a number of things like nourishing your hair on a daily basis, using it as a moisturiser for body and hands, or even natural make-up remover. You can create face masks with avocado or papaya by smashing them evenly and using honey in a bowl. These small techniques can save a lot of money and also give you a natural glow.

5.Being extra careful with beauty products

There are many beauty products to choose from and you might be using some of them for a long time. But now is the time to think if those products are actually working for you or not. Most beauty products have harmful chemicals in them that you seem to ignore reading about even if they disclose them. Try taking the time now to see if all the products that you are using are organic and natural or not. Research the products and if needed switch to some better one during this lockdown. Take advice from professional beauty experts online or hire them to get proper organic beauty products and treatments.

Taking the time to re-establish that radiance and youth to your skin, is a great way to utilize this lockdown and nothing can be more productive than this. So try these ideas and rather than being infected by viruses, come back with that vivacity and brilliance that you are hiding somewhere. 

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