5 Ways to Know If A Construction Site Is Too Loud

sound level meter

Wondering if your workplace is too loud? If it?s a construction site, this is a very real issue. We?ve run through all the ways you can find out.


You might have dealt with a lot of noisy equipment, which is why there might be a ringing sound even after you?ve left work.

Not just ringing, you might be hearing humming. It is also a sign of being in a space that was far too loud. If the humming persists, it unfortunately might mean that you are suffering from temporary ear damage.

sound level meter

A lot of the time, people still hear the machinery along with the humming or ringing if they are suffering from ear damage.

Sound Detectors

You might not be aware of this, but detectors have been made to check the level of sound being emitted from a space. It would tell you if the site has the passed safety limit when it comes to sound levels.

Of course, one sound level meter may be more sensitive than others. They are the most worth your time.

Health Issues

Constantly being exposed to a super loud environment won?t just affect your ear drums, it would wreak havoc on your concentration and coordination skills.

It can also affect how well you sleep. The constant exposure to loud noises can make you jittery and nervous too. You can get your employees to fill a survey and find out if these symptoms are abundant. If they are, you?ll have to do something to regulate the level of sound being produced.

The Arm Rule

Start a conversation with an employee. If the two of you are arm?s distance but can?t hear each other well, or have to talk at a raised tone, you?re in a space that is far too loud. This is the most practical way to tell if the environment is not safe to be in.

To keep workers safe, they should be at a distance that allows them to hear each other. If anything were to happen, someone would be able to get help.


There is no way workers should step foot into the site without proper PPE. Their eardrums would get damaged. And there should be warnings on machinery stating if they?re quite loud or not.

To get a hold of proper protective gear, don?t skimp. You?d get less than great quality products. The gear wouldn?t just keep their ears safe, but they would help them handle the machines better.

Let?s wrap everything up. Construction sites can be very loud. But there are many ways you can check if it?s beyond the recommended sound levels. The best thing to check this would be a detector. It would analyse the decibels being produced.

What?ll also help would be checking if your employees are having health issues or not. Working in such an environment, they may be having headaches and trouble falling asleep. In the worst-case scenarios, they would constantly feel nervous.

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