High cost prevents the car manufacturers to produce electric cars

    electric cars

    It is a time when the world should no longer rely on the fossil fuels. It is for this reason that the electric cars have become highly popular. But the cost of the electric cars are extremely high. This is one reason why people are not able to shift from the fossil fuel cars to the electric cars. In a survey conducted for 6000 motorists, it was found that though interested but they would still not buy the electric car because it is too expensive.

    The technology used in the electric vehicles is quite a new one and this is probably one reason why the electric car is still more expensive than the petrol and the diesel cars. It is true that in the long run the electric cars would actually prove to be highly efficient, but the people are waiting for the price of the electric cars to go down. It is being assumed that as more manufacturers would start manufacturing, the prices of the electric cars would go down. Getting the car insurance Ireland will definitely help you to stay protected against any financial damage.

    It is also important to remember that this survey was conducted before the COVID 19 pandemic. So the demand for the electric cars would go down further due to the temporary as well as the permanent job losses that may happen due to the economic crisis. There is every possibility that the people would prefer keeping their old car till the time their financial situation is stabilized.

    What has been done to increase the demand of the electric cars?

    In order to increase the demand for the electric cars, grants were also organized. A number of motorists also said that they do understand the grants that are available for those who want to buy the electric car for their personal use. Getting a car insurance from one of the best car insurance in Ireland will certainly be helpful.

    This is what you need to know, if you are planning to switch to an electric car

    If you are planning to buy an electric car, then you will be able to get grants for both- buying the car and also for installing a home charging unit for the car. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland offers a grant of ?5,000 to people who would be purchasing an electric car. The grant would depend on the listed price of the car. If you take these grants into account and also add the long term savings then purchasing the electric car will prove to be highly beneficial.

    Making electric cars more affordable

    There has been a lot of improvements in technology and these have addressed the concerns related to the problems of mileage to a great extent. But still there are a number of people who are not happy with the high costs of these cars. In order to increase the demand of these vehicles, apart from scrappage schemes and additional grants it is also necessary to think about other methods that would make the car more affordable. If it is not done then the people would continue using fossil fuel cars. It is a good thing that the economic condition of Ireland has increased to a great extent. It is for this reason that there are so many people across the country wanting to buy a new car. But it is important to ensure that the car they buy is a clean one. It is important that people should be encouraged to buy cars with cleaner options in order to ensure that the environment is clean.

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