What Are the Best Ways to Improve Chess game Shortcuts?

Do you like chess? Do you want to be a strong chess player? There is no doubt that every chess lover wants to be the best at this game. They want to know all the secret ingredients of chess that can help them to improve their game of chess as fast as possible. To learn the game of chess faster, it is important to know whether you work on tactics or not? How much time do you invest in the endgame?

If you want to improve your game of chess then look at the following steps and follow them.

Solve Tactics Daily

One of the most important steps that you can take in order to improve your game of chess is to start solving chess tactics.  By solving chess tactics on regular basis doesn’t mean that you spend a lot of time-solving them. Daily you should spend 15 to 20 minutes solving chess tactics. Do not start solving chess tactics from a hard level. If you taking 30 minutes to solve one problem then this will never be going to improve your game. Select those chess tactics that are not too hard and on which you can just spend just 2 to 3 minutes.  Every chess method has its own way of solving chess tactics. Like Polgar chess method, master method collection, Grandmaster collectionSu san Polgar Chess method, and many more have different ways of solving chess tactics.

Play Competitive Chess

 Playing competitive chess is another way of becoming an expert in the game of chess. The most common mistake made by New and emerging chess players is that they think playing online chess is enough to improve their game.  But in reality, it is not true as for practice and learning online chess playing is good but if you want to become a grandmaster then you have to practice the game of chess with an opponent as well.  The amount of value you gain from the games of chess while playing on the board of chess setting face-to-face to your opponent can never be gained while playing with a computer. Best master method collections.

Analyze All Your Losses

 The more you play the more you learn. The matches you lost are the ones through which you learn the most. There are several emerging players who do not analyze their lost games. They think that game was not good and there’s probably nothing to learn.  The truth is we can never learn from other’s mistakes. only our mistakes can make us learn several things and improve our game.  If you will analyze your lost game then you will understand that where you went wrong.  You will definitely not  Make some mistakes in your future games.  Yes, it is hard to look at your losses but the tougher the fight is the better the result is. So always analyzes your lost games in order to win your future games.

Study Grandmaster Games

 It is very important to learn the game of chess from chess grandmasters. It is very important to learn the game of chess from chess grandmasters. If you learn the game of this from chess grandmasters it will help you to strengthen your game by learning new ideas.  While learning the grandmaster game there are several points that you need to keep in mind.

The first point is to thoroughly  study the grandmaster chess game and understand why every move has been played. Learn the grandmaster game by putting yourself in an active position. Be in the shoes of a chess player and  analyst threat. Also, try to plan your upcoming movies.  From grandmaster chess, you can learn several chess openings for black and master method chess. 

Shop for chess Dvds from chessondemand and improve your game of chess. By purchasing chess DVD’s you can learn every grandmaster chess method setting anywhere in the world.  You can also purchase Polgar chess DVDs and Roman’s lab chess dvds from chessondemand.  Another option to learn and master the game of chess is to watch Polgar chess videos On chessondemand.

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