How to Import Your Tumblr Posts into Your WordPress Blog

Tumblr is a popular blogging and social media platform. Many people think of it as an easier means to get attention as it mainly consists of youngsters. As a result, many people often try to import their Tumblr posts into WordPress blogs. As it is not a popular task, most struggle to do it. That is why this post has been made to simplify and make you understand how to import your Tumblr posts into your WordPress blog. 

Since you are going through this post, it is a sure thing that you have both an account on Tumblr and a WordPress site. Furthermore, perhaps one of your Tumblr posts as of late have created an extraordinary buzz among your readers and now you need to import that post on our WordPress Website. What’s more, you may be considering how might you do that without asking a friend? If you are thinking about how hard is the way toward importing Posts from your Tumblr Account to WordPress, the appropriate response is the whole task ought not to take a lot of time. Simply follow the steps given below and voila, you will have done it perfectly!

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  • Step 1: Go to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Tools>Import. Tap on the Install Now button below the option of Tumblr. 
  • Step 2: Once the installation is done, tap on the Run Importer button.
  • Step 3: After this, you will be required to create a Tumblr App to link your blog with the servers of Tumblr. The link to create the app will be provided in the instructions on the screen itself. By keeping the Dashboard open, open the link in a new tab.
  • Step 4: Clicking on the link will open a new page. To continue the process, tap on the Green Register Application button. 
  • Step 5: Fill in the details in all the necessary fields such as 
  • Application Name
  • Application Website
  • Default Call-back URL
  • Application Description
  • Administrative contact email
  • Step 6: Once you successfully submit the form, a new screen will appear where you will find the OAuth Consumer Key and Secret Key for the Tumblr App. 
  • Step 7: As you have already kept the Import Tumblr Tab open, copy the OAuth Consumer Key and Secret Key and paste them in the appropriate fields on the page. Then tap on the Connect To Tumblr button. Finally, tap on Authorize the Application.
  • Step 8: Next, tap on the Allow button.
  • Step 9: Now, it will be visible to you that posts display your Username and Email Address. To start the process of importing your Tumblr posts into your WordPress blog, tap on the Import this blog button. 
  • Step 10: You can now find the imported posts on your WordPress by going to WP Admin>Posts. When the import is finished you can delete your Tumblr Account Information by tapping on the Clear Account Information button.

That’s it. Assuming you have followed every single step referenced over, your Tumblr posts ought to be effectively imported to WordPress. While this may appear to be an end, it is in reality the start of your new blog. As you must surely know, WordPress gives a lot a larger number of alternatives than Tumblr. Take as much time as is needed, get familiar with WordPress, and improve your blog more than ever!

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