How To Identify Bad Sales Leads?

Sales agents contact hundreds of prospects, if not thousands, on a routine basis in the efforts of closing the deal. Some of the prospects just enter the sales cycle, some seal the deal, some refuse to consider the offer, and the hunt for suitable prospects carries on. At times, there are some bad prospects too, who do not have the intention of sealing the deal, and still, they keep the agents on their toes.

What are Bad Sales Leads?

Bad sales leads are the ones that do not meet the set or expected criteria of an ideal prospect. In other words, bad leads are the prospects who lack the capability of closing the deals due to any issue or reason. Finding a few bad leads while trying to explore suitable and qualifiedsales leads is just normal. However, if your sales agent is stuck on bad sales leads, you are up for the loss.

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Dig deeper into this article to explore and learn in detail about how you can identify bad sales leads and stop wasting your time and resources on them.

Top 6 Signs to Recognize Bad Sales Leads

Sticking to bad sales leads does not only waste the time of sales agents but the resources of the organization too. At times, the sales agents deliberately stick to the bad sales leads in the hope of making them enter the sales cycle. On the other hand, mostly the bad sales lead deceive the agents and keep them hopeful in order to earn some profit through the deal. Identifying such leads is critical to minimize loss.

Here are some of the most critical signs you need to watch out for to recognize bad sales leads and avoid them.

Low Budget

The very first sign that you are stuck with a bad sales lead is their low budget. For a prospect to be considered a sales-qualified lead, they must have enough budget to sign the deal and carry out the sales. On the other hand, if their budget does not support such a deal, you are wasting your time. Most amateur sales agents commit such mistakes, due to which business organizations now hire sales company in Dubai and let professionally trained agents find them suitable leads.

Lack of Decision-Making Authority

The next sign that distinguishes bad sales leads from good or qualified ones is the lack of decision-making authority. You can only seal a deal with some prospects if they have a little authority to make the decision. If the prospects have to consult and get the permit from the higher-ups regarding the minutest details, you are wasting your time with the wrong person.

Lack of Product Need

One of the most obvious yet ignored signs to recognize the bad sales leads is the lack of product need. For instance, a certain publishing company might not be interested in the business of spices, apparel, or other wearables, as they do not need these things. However, if such a random prospect seems interested in your goods and services, it will waste your time and resources, so beware.

Too Far from Selling Territory

Another critical sign to tell the difference between the sales-qualified leads and bad sales leads is that the latter one is too far from your selling territory. Suppose you are running a business in the UAE, which only targets the local market. If you get in touch with some interested prospects from an underdeveloped African country, you might not be able to seal the deal as your products might not be suitable for that region.

Fake Contact Information

Another important sign that can help you recognize the bad sales leads right away is the exchange of fake contact information. If your prospect is sharing fake contact information with you, it might mean that they are impersonating someone or do not have the authority to carry out the dealing. In both cases, avoid discussing and signing the deal with them as it will only cause you loss.

Inadequate Expectations

Lastly, the most critical sign of recognizing bad sales leads that you should never ignore is inadequate expectations. The bad sales lead often expect favors like lowering the price, tempering with the product quality, or sharing favorable news in the market. All of this is wrong if it falls out of your contractile terms. If your sales agents keep supporting such leads, it is time to change them too. You can hire a sales company and let trained agents help you find and win qualified sales leads and add to your profitability.

Cut Off Bad Sales Leads to Minimizing Your Loss!

The bad sales leads do not have the capability to seal the deals. However, they might waste enough of your time to focus on some qualified lead and earn profit by finalizing it. The poor performance of sales agents can make you pay highly. So, do not take a risk with untrained agents and contact the sales company now to provide you top-notch service that only adds to your profitability.

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