Things You Can Learn About Having Cats From Hiccup!

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You have all seen how to ?Train Your Dragon? and wished you also had a pet dragon. But the truth is Toothless didn?t just fall from the sky into the developer?s lap; Toothless came from their own understanding of cats.

Handling your new cat!

We all want a pet and cats are considered a bit of a hard sell if you struggle with getting attention in general. Dogs love everyone and are easy to make friends with. But cats are a different species altogether. They are hard to please and they have a tendency to take time in becoming cozy. Here is some basic cat instinct decoded for all of you how would rather get the idea than obsess over main points!

Toothless- The Feline Fire Breather!

Toothless was more cat like than any other pet ever shown in popular culture. His features and body movements were all shown to have cat like tendencies. He was incredibly fast and his reflexes were uncanny. So what can we learn as cat lovers and cat owners when we look at the way Hiccup treated his pet? Here are five ways in which Hiccup is a massive inspiration for all cat lovers around the world.


Remember that gorgeously choreographed sequence where Hiccup draws lines in the ground and then Hiccup crosses them according to his directions? That sequence had a good lesson for all feline owners around the world. Learn to read your cat?s moods and you will develop a deep bond with the animal. If the cat fidgets or skirts away from you in the beginning; give it time. The more effort you put into aligning yourself with it; the deeper your bond will be with the animal.

Food Sharing:

Remember how Toothless shared his ?fish? with Hiccup? Many new cat owners have problem with cats nibbling their foods. Our advice; it?s ok to share your food with them. If you feel that it may not be hygienic to let them bite your food then make small bites yourself. But cats only ask you to share your food if they like you and really trust you. So pushing them away will definitely discourage them from coming in again.

Stray Cats:

Remember how Toothless wanted to break free from Hiccup in the beginning? That rule applies to all feline animals. If an animal is picked up from the street; they are very likely to go out for long periods of time. Cats can find their way back home no matter how far away you send them. If your cat considers you family then it will return to you without any prompting. But that can take time; it can be either a week or it can be many months. But it will come back on its own. You do not need to put up lost animal posters; they do not need help to find their way back home.

Cats n Licking!

It is there with dog and so it is there with cats as well. Cats nibble at you, it won?t be all slobbering like dogs but it will be there. You do not need to worry about biting under any circumstances. They only scratch you and even that is rare. But it?s a sign of affection and you should enjoy it! Just like Hiccup and Toothless!

These are main points that you should keep in mind while adopting your black furry with gorgeous round eyes. They are fantastic experience once you get to know them. So try it out!

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