7 Effective Tips On How To Get Real Estate 3D Virtual Tours Right

Technology has revolutionized the world of real estate these days. More real estate businesses are now embracing and using different kinds of technology, like 3D virtual tours, to generate new leads and gain more profit. Since most buyers rely heavily on video walkthroughs or 3D tours to check out properties, agents must put more effort into creating these properly and effectively.

Real estate professionals should use virtual tours to their full advantage. You can improve your chances of getting more potential buyers through a 3D tour for real estate, though it’s admittedly not that easy to get right.

Have bright and consistent lighting

Of course, lighting plays a huge role in creating an impressive virtual tour. It can dramatically change a buyer’s impression and overall vibe of the property. Good lighting brings a positive impact on the warmth and overall brightness of the subject. When giving a tour, ensure that all light levels are consistent throughout each shot as well as every area is well-lit to have a more inviting and spacious feel. Also, choose optimal times of the day for shooting based on the sun’s position on the property. With the combination of subtle yet high contrast light and beautiful daylight, you can have an accurate view of the property that reads well in each photo.

Capture outdoor areas to highlight livability and curb appeal

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Some 3D virtual tours miss the opportunity to emphasize the property outdoors. A tour won’t be complete without having a view from the street. This helps the prospects know what it feels like when they arrive at their home. Making a statement is equally important as functionality. Highlighting the outdoor areas creates a versatile vibe and at the same time evokes viewers’ interest not only in the indoors but the outdoors, too.

Pick viewpoints that reflect the human perspective

Naturally, each position reflects a stopping point when a person is taking a physical tour of a property. This approach can be duplicated in virtual tours as well. People normally tend to linger when standing near the windows or on landings overlooking the floors for more interesting views. With this in mind, make it a point to shoot properties at various corners of the room or in the hallways to let people watching the tours feel the space as if they are there personally. This also helps them decide if it is what they really prefer or need.

Allow every view to stand on its own

Each space within the home has a connection to the others. Learn about how every area in the property flows into the next and let each one stand on its own. Shoot in a secluded corner of a room and choose views where outdoor visibility is high to picture how the property is one with nature and the outdoors. You must also capture unique features of the property during a virtual tour to know its function and importance.

Make the tour self guided

This is one of the most important tips to get real estate 3D tours right. Anyone who is taking the tour must have full control over it. Viewers must have the ability to control their viewing angle and move around between rooms at will. This improves their viewing experience and encourages them to stay longer or finish the tour. Making them watch the tour longer generates higher levels of buyer interest that may result in reaching out to you or even closing a deal.

Optimize for mobile use

Make sure that your virtual tour is compatible with a variety of devices, especially mobile phones. Since most people use their smartphones all the time nowadays, you need to create a 3D tour that can play well through it. This can help you get more views and possibly land you to a sure buyer. In addition, ensure that the tour loads quickly and can be navigated without errors.

Back up with digital marketing campaigns

The best way to market your virtual tours is to have them promoted on different digital platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. Share it on your official accounts and mention some people who might be interested in it. This way, you can let others know about the listing and may reach the right people who are in need of a property. 

Getting real estate 3D virtual tours right is not a walk in the park. There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind, but these tips specified above will surely help you create captivating and stunning virtual tours. Drive more clicks and interest to your properties by following these things. You can then have a virtual tour that is perfectly executed and can help you close a deal or sell your properties fast.

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