7 Ways to Get Quality Content without Writing Yourself

Creating Contents is one of the biggest challenges of a marketer is to create relevant, engaging and high-quality content continuously. We all know the content is still the king in digital market.

We all always engage in creating marketing contents work and provide information about the product and website content writing services to our clients. But it is not the only a single way to convey our message to our audience. There are many other ways by which we can create content with almost no writing involved.

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While following these 7 way of creating contents does no effect your content quality and make exciting to your clients for share on other platform.

Here is the list of 7 ways to get better engagement of your content.

1. Content in form of video

Video content is yet another example to engaging people with your set of information. As it is one of the most engaging ways to provide the information to our client. Most of digital marketer believes that in 2021 video content or YouTube is the ultimate source of getting information, that’s why people are more engaged in video content.

2. Podcasting and Audio content

Podcasting is another way to spread our thoughts to others. Audio advertisement is still the best way to describe the product and services. A podcaster engage you with an exciting story with full of knowledge and information. If it is done in a better way, it could be the best way to sell of product and services.

3. Infographical Information

A good informative AI based flowchart and infographic which looks great and yet informational is the one of best ways to introduce our content. Informational graphics are the most shared and engaging on social media and other digital platform. It’s like Icing on the cake to introduce your written content with correct infographics.

4. Image designing

A picture simply can say thousand words. Writing a long description of any product or blog may be sometime less interesting and less- engaging , but if we add images in that according to text to provide the information to our clients. 2021 is the era of providing information in interactive way is the new concept of advertisement. But one thing we should keep in mind that the picture must be relevant and informative.

5. Guest posting

Well, guest posting is the process when someone writes a post and publish it on your website for getting a backlink. It’s a win –win situation for both sides. But only a high quality contents should be eligible for posting. Otherwise, Google classified it as a link schemer. And it could affect our ranking.

6. PPT’s and Slideshow

After the updating in Microsoft office. PPT is not only to make slide, but you can animate, add sound and put other stuffs in your presentation. There are lot of presentation site which provide you free animation and slideshows without writing any single word. Which can be embedded in our website and used as content?

7. Introduction of Survey

Organising a survey with set of questionnaire is another the good way of collecting information and content and also customer valuable thinking about our product and services. In 2021 before launching any product or services organisation follows these types of survey and polls on a priority basis. We can also use portal like hubspot and survey monkey for these.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that content is still the king in digital marketing business, but it does not mean to add content must be in written form. It’s only a way to providing the information to our audience and engages them on our website to crack the deal. All these seven ways we should practice some of them continuously and increase our ability. One thing we should always keep in our mind that content must have relevant information and keep customer engaging.

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