How to Get the Perfect Bohemian Look for 2021

Do you want to look bohemian-chic in 2021? If so, you are not alone. The style is all about a flowy, laid-back essence where clothing can be layered, show off pretty details, textures, and amazing colors. It’s a great fashion vibe that can deliver both a modern and vintage appeal. Our style experts have some excellent recommendations for achieving a boho-chic wardrobe.

Take A Look At Kate

Model Kate Moss is known for being a style icon who has always celebrated her bohemian clothing choices. She is still making headlines today every moment she walks out the door because women around the world want to see how she puts an outfit together.

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The fashion bible of them all, Vogue Magazine, has always admired Moss’s free-spirited persona and wardrobe pieces. Floral frocks, white gauzy tunics, tiered skirts, pussy-bow blouses, black boots, and kimonos are just a few of the romantic looks she has created with her eclectic sense of style.

Take a look at Kate Moss’s street style, so when you head out shopping at a boho boutique clothing store, you can build your personal bohemian wardrobe.

Details That Define Bohemian

When putting together some fab garments, there are exceptional details that represent bohemian-chic. For example, fabrics with designs featuring tie-dye, paisley, and florals are super-hot to collect. Mini, midi, and maxi dresses are also on the list.

In addition, these are classic, bohemian pieces that you may already own. They include flared jeans, denim cut-offs, a floppy hat, boots in just about every style, a coin-embellished belt, a beaded or fur vest, gladiator sandals, a fringe bag, or feather earrings.

You can begin to structure a cool-looking closet with pieces you have and new ones to elevate the fashion vibe.

Textures That Turn Heads

Boho-chic also embraces a variety of textures both soft and hard. A fringe bag delivers awesome interest to your ensemble, and this season, fringe handbags are trending, the longer the fringe the better.

Leather pants exude another gorgeous texture. Or how about a black, fringed leather jacket over silk, slip-dress gown, or silky jumpsuit?

Let’s be honest. Leather is not only elegant, but it’s practical, sexy and can be worn on the red carpet or on the city streets.

A willowy, oversized blouse is another romantic look that instantly spells bohemian, and is glamorous with a pair of denim.

Fake fur and/or fake fur collars also capture the style and can be paired with all kinds of fabrics.

These hard and soft looks are boho-divine.

Boho Equals No Hard Rules

The beauty of building the perfect bohemian wardrobe for 2021 is in its variety and laid-back approach. Bohemian style is never extreme in structure or balance.

In other words, you have the freedom to create a look that is very personal and works for your body. Some boho pieces flow along with the silhouette, and others may hug your curves. It represents a unique fashion vibe that can have both modern and nostalgic influences.

You get to choose the level of boho-chic you prefer. It’s the conventional and the unconventional, and you can have a blast putting together your favorite ensembles because there are no hard rules.

Some women may prefer a leopard print coat a la Kate Moss and a pair of black jeans and black boots. Just a touch of bohemian can add interest to your look.

You don’t have to pair 20 boho pieces together to achieve the style in one outfit. A little bohemian flavor goes a long way.

Maybe a tie-dyed kimono is a garment that can enhance your wardrobe and become a favorite layering item that can be worn again and again.

Get Creative; Try It Out

You don’t need to be a famous model like Kate Moss to get your groove on. Moss was styling her bohemian vibe by herself, and you could do the same. You, too, can develop an uncanny knack for pairing romantic, feminine, and playful pieces together.

That’s why the boho-chic style is fun to explore. Begin with a floral dress, fringe bag or feather earrings, for instance, and go from there. You can create that head-turning style!

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