How To Get A Partner Visa For Australia Successfully In 2022

Many people from all over the world leave their loved ones behind to move to Australia for better educational and professional opportunities. Permanent immigrants may eventually want to bring their partners to Australia so that they can live together.

For this purpose, they have to apply for a partner visa. Australian citizens may also enter into relationships with non-Australian citizens, and they will require a partner visa to stay in the country.

Partner visas are?extremely hard to get approved in Australia. Migration consultancy services like Excel Migration are able to help clients with their visa application process. Having 15 years of experience in Melbourne, their migration agents have been assisting clients to get work visas, student visas, sponsorship visas, partner visas, permanent residency visas, and much more.

How To Get A Partner Visa For Australia Successfully In 2022

Find Out What Type Of Partner Visa You Are Eligible For 

820 visa:

This is called a temporary on-shore partner visa. This visa is for the partners of Australian citizens or those who have Australian permanent resi

dency. Eligible New Zealand citizens who live in Australia can also apply for this visa for their partners. This visa allows partners to stay in the country for two years.

801 visa:

Partners with an 820 visa who want to stay permanently in Australia can apply for an 801 visa during their stay in the country. The 801 permanent on-shore visa is also applicable for the same category of applicants as the 820.

309 visa:

This is a temporary off-shore visa. This visa is also given to partners of Australian citizens, partners of Australian permanent residency holders, and partners of eligible New Zealand citizens. The 309 visa is valid for two years.

100 visa:?

This is the permanent off-shore permanent visa. Partners who have the 309 visa should apply for this during their stay to be allowed to work and stay in Australia permanently.

The 820 can only be applied for when the partner is already in the country. The 309 visa should be applied for, if the partner is living outside Australi

a. Any dependent children and step-children can also be included alongside the partner in 820, 801, 309, and 100 visa subclass applications.

300 visa:

This is called the prospective marriage visa. This visa is given to partners who are engaged to be married. The visa must be sponsored by the fianc? or fianc?e living in Australia as a citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen.

The partner should be off-shore when this application is made and above 18 years of age. Partners who get the 300 visa can stay in Australia for nine months.

Fill In The Visa Application Correctly 

It is often found that partners with legitimate relationships cannot get approval for partner visas because of mistakes in their paperwork. Migration consultants like Excel Migration provide a reliable service from application to approval, taking care to ensure that such legal errors do not keep families separated from each other for too long.

Excel Migration has one of the highest success rates among the migration consultancy services in Melbourne. Some of the common mistakes in partner visa applications are:

Unclear relationship details:?

The Department of Home Affairs conducts thorough verifications of visa applications. So it is essential to provide absolutely accurate details in the form. Questions about when the partners met, their relationship status, their first date may seem like basic information, but many clients struggle to answer accurately in interviews. Proper preparation and prior discussion among partners before filling in the form can avoid discrepancies in the interview and verification process.

Inadequate documentation:

The government is not likely to approve of any partner visas without supporting documentation of both partners’ relationship. Many clients fail to provide substantial proof of their relationship. However, shared financial documents and marriage certificates are some common legally accepted forms of relationship documentation.

Inaccurate details about children:

When many clients fill in their partner visa applications, they forget to provide adequate information about their children. This information is very important for the approval of any visa, which includes dependent kids. Immigration consultants help clients recheck all details in their  and find any common errors.

Not being able to pass the character test:?

Many partner visa applications get rejected during the character test stage of the process. In this process, the partner has to establish that they have no criminal record or are not involved with any criminal organisations or illegal activity. If a partner has a minor criminal record, they can still hope for approval if they are transparent with the nature of their crime, show real repentance, and provide police records to provide the same.

The Department of Home Affairs of Australia does not wish to keep legitimate families apart from each other. However, concerns about national safety and economy require strict controls over the partner visa approval process.

This has led to the process of a partner visa application being a cause of great concern for many people all over the country. Several migration consultancy services have sprouted up all over Australia to help out in the process of getting families back together.So, start your partner visa application process today. Find the type of partner visa you need to apply for and begin collecting the paperwork for the process. The approval process also takes a few months to begin which varies according to the type of partner visa you apply for.

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