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Do you guys also want some free coupons via mail? Well, of course, who doesn?t want such a bunch of money saver coupons at their doorstep. We all might agree that coupons are an excellent tool to save money while shopping and some reports also suggest that using coupon codes can save us about 200 or more dollars per month. So, you want them without missing them out. Several websites provide coupon codes and printed coupons to you online, meanwhile, some websites also provide the coupons directly to your mailbox. That is, you don?t have to explore or surf the internet to get the coupon codes as you will get them directly on your email.

But, how to get coupons by mail?

Well, getting coupons via email is easier than you have ever thought of. Tons of organizations and companies mail their coupons or in other ways so that you can access them on your hands.

If you are wondering, how to get coupons at your mail, then keep reading this article.

How to get the coupon codes on mail

Some ways are there that avails you to access free coupon codes on your mail only. And, you might get surprised to know that getting on mail is much easier than other ways apart. But, of course, you need to put at least a little effort but as compared to others, this effort is something so minuscule offering savings. So, below in the article, we have outlined the best way to get coupons right to your mailbox without surfing a lot.

Contact the companies

Several ways are there to get coupons online, but one of the most efficient and effective ways of availing free coupons on your mail is by contacting the specific companies directly. 

Numerous companies from the diaper, clothing retailers to the mobile brand provide coupon codes to their customers on their mail whosoever ask them to. You will not get these free coupons on their website advertising for it but they are known to mail those to their customers. 

Also, you will not get a coupon code from all companies even though some of them were known to mail the coupons in the past. 

So, it necessarily doesn?t mean that they are providing them in present as well. It means many companies offer coupon codes at certain times in a year. But, apart from it, you guys can also subscribe to the newsletters of the websites that offer coupons or discount codes to get them on mail. Some of these are RetailMeNot, BrandCouponMall, Groupon, coupon.com, SlickDeals, etc.

Now, what you guys have to do is contact numerous companies as you can so that your probability of getting free coupons on the mail will increase. 

How to request companies for coupons

Here is an overview concerning how you can request companies for coupon codes in your mail. As you guys know, each of the places differs as some only have the contact form while some have their email address.

Also, if the site doesn?t avail you the form to fill, you can provide your email address to them as they would know by it about your request by that. It is the easiest way to get coupons from these brands.

We will recommend you to keep a word or spreadsheet document with you that list out all the companies you will be contacting or had contacted with the date of contact. Doing this will allow you to stay on track with your request of when you requested and when you have received or whether received or not.

Additionally, several tools like autofill of google are way more useful as they will fill your details automatically like your phone number or email address. This will also save your time of entering the same information again and again. 

As you know that apart from the brand, some websites also offer to mail the coupon codes, so you can register yourself on these like brandcouponmall.com, retailmenot.com, and many more. You can simply register on it and they will notify you every time on any new coupon code updates.

So, in terms of how long it will take to send you the codes will depend on how early you have requested. Some companies may mail you the coupons right at that time while some take about 1 week or two.

We suggest you wait for coupons as too early can sometimes send the wrong one. Just contact the companies you want and make sure the number is high.

If you have been in touch with multiple brands until now, then it is likely like you will be getting a stream of coupon codes right away. And, if you will wait for some time, you will still get the coupons in the meantime from that particular company.?

What we want to say is that it?s really up to you of how much you wait, how early you apply, and at what brand you apply for. But, it is indeed a great idea of mentioning or giving a hint about how much you love those brand products. Now, don?t wait, if you also want to try, then just apply for your favorite brand coupon codes now or you will miss those out.

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