How To Get The Best Gallery Wall Design

    Best Gallery Wall Design

    We?ve all seen how gallery walls are a decor trend that can transform any space into a beautiful home full of character. When you choose the right pieces, a gallery wall design can be an amazing way to fill up a large or empty wall – without the hassle of paint brushes and the mess!

    Here we?ve rounded up a few ideas to help inspire your gallery display to create the personal and unique look. Whether it?s floor to ceiling, a tasteful grid, an eclectic look, here are our tips to make your home look the way you?ve always wanted.

    Easy & Fun Gallery Wall Design Ideas To Inspire You

    Are you ready to take those blank walls to the next level? A gallery wall design in your office, living room, nursery and more can show off a well crafted collection of paintings, photographs, prints, and more. We love gallery wall displays because you don?t have to think too hard to make them beautiful. The only rule is to hang what you want! If you love monochrome photos in a tight and even grid, go for it! Maybe you?re a little more wild and free, so let bright abstract paintings lighten the mood in your home. Whatever makes you happy, that?s what you should use. Here are a few tips to help you show off your personal style.

    Keep Everything Matching

    Is this your first gallery wall? A simple tip to help you keep everything easy is to use cohesive elements. Whether that means using the same frame style, only using canvas prints, sticking with the same colors, and more – sticking to a theme will make it easier for you to make decisions. 

    Making things match can help take out some of the guesswork, and even using the same size canvas for all of your photos can help everything look like it goes together. Photo books are also good idea to go with.

    Get Eclectic and Mix Styles

    Though using a subtle matching and structured gallery wall design is beautiful, not everyone has that home decor style. If you?re looking for something that can grow and flow more organically, then a mix and match style gallery wall is the way to go. The beauty of an eclectic style is that you can start with just a couple favorite pieces and then keep adding as you go without worrying about ruining a structured configuration.

    Do A Trial Run First

    We suggest that you do a trial run before you start hammering holes into the wall to hang your art and photos. The easiest way is to lay them out on the floor first, that way you can rearrange until you find the design you like. Another way is to trace each piece onto parchment paper and tape them in your desired arrangement on the wall first. This way you can see it first hand without making any major commitments. 

    A good rule of fun if you?re taking the plunge for the first is to hang frames at eye level (57-60 inches from the ground or around 8 inches above furniture). Balance different sized pieces for maximum impact on your wall.

    Explore Blank Spaces

    There are so many places in our homes that could use a little love. Hallways, staircase walls, bathrooms, even the space around our tvs. All of these places could be the perfect spot for a gallery wall. Though sometimes small spaces look great with just one or two pieces of art, we dare you to try mixing it up and exploring how a gallery wall will look even in smaller spaces.

    Long hallways also offer a lot of opportunity for adding personality. Try something unexpected like floor to ceiling mix and matched art styles and frames along your hallway for a gallery feel your guests will love. Even an organized grid is a great way to add a statement and create a unique way to display your favorite photos. You can even have photo mug for your tea, it looks great. Art doesn?t have to be limited – you can even frame pages from your favorite book or create a collage canvas print – whatever you want!

    Vertical, Horizontal, or Square

    There are lots of directions to go when it comes to gallery wall design. Though most often gallery walls get spread out wide or are confined in a square grid, we encourage you to explore other options too. Tall and narrow groupings can create a modern and elegant look that instantly adds sophistication to your home. 

    Plus, extending your gallery wall vertical can create the illusion that your ceiling is taller than it is. 

    Keep It Simple Or Go Big

    We think that one of the easiest ways to keep your gallery simple is to use a consistent frame color or use no frame at all. They don?t have to all be the same style or even the same size, but utilizing one color or keeping everything frameless can help you grow your collection over time. Using this technique can help make it easy to match the rest of your furniture and decor too. That?s one of the things we love about Canvas Factory – unframed canvas prints go together and last a lifetime. We even have framed canvas options too!

    Maybe you have a flair for the dramatic. Add some culture with large canvas style prints mixed with small pieces that have oversized frames. A little bit of contrast adds beautiful dimensions and will be sure to make people look and admire when they come over.

    Order Affordable Prints Today

    If you?re still torn on what direction to take your gallery wall design, we think that it helps to stick with a theme. Start by taking your time curating a group of your favorite photos or abstract art images to really get your wall started. Combine contrasting colors and add some whimsy and spontaneity to your wall. Mix and match traditional frame sizes with canvas prints and non-traditional pieces. Overtime, you can add additional artwork and photographs as you collect them. The beauty of a gallery wall is that you get to style it however you want. There are no rules!

    At Canvas Factory, we can help you create the gallery wall design you?ve always wanted. We have a large variety of options to help you get exactly what you want at a reasonable price. It?s easy to order high quality canvas prints without breaking the bank. Browse through our free photos, upload your own, edit them to heart?s desire, and then place your order. In this digital age, we make it easier than ever to create a gallery wall design that you can love for years to come.


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