How To Gain A Following As A Professional Gamer

If you love to play video games and you like to make money, you should consider getting a career as a professional gamer. It is quite possible to make a substantial amount of money just by playing video games. There is major league gaming as well as streaming platforms that are great for this purpose. You will, however, need to put a lot into it. Many professional gamers spend ten hours or more a day perfecting their games, videoing their games, and networking. Growing your platform and becoming recognized will help you to make the most money.


One of the most important things you can do to help advance your career is to network. You will want to build connections with people that are into gaming. Getting to know other professional gamers can help you to get a lot of experience. One common mistake gamers make is that they only network with those that are professional. You should network with everyone in the gaming world as it will allow you to experience games on many different levels.

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Networking will also allow you to learn from other players. You can watch their gameplay and listen to everything that they have to say. If you want to make money with gameplaying, you will have to make sure that your skills are great and that you practice all the time.

Eventually, you will be noticed on the platforms, and people will start to network with you. The more you network with gamers, the more of a following you will develop.

Joining Tournaments

Another way that you can build up your following is to join tournaments. You can join gaming tournaments internationally or locally. You will need to make sure that you practice first to ensure that you are well experienced. No matter what kind of tournament experience you get, it will be vital for you to get into the gaming industry. When you join a tournament, you will get a great idea of the industry, and you will be able to reach many different people to gain a following.

A cool thing about tournaments is that you are not just playing with gamers at your skill level. There will be teams that have endorsements, advertising, sponsors, and salaries. You can see what a skilled player does, and you can get a good idea of the skill, practice, and determination you need to reach that level of gaming.

Streaming Your Gameplay

Another way to reach people and have them follow you is to join Twitch and YouTube gaming. These popular social media platforms will allow you to stream videos of your gameplay, and they will pay you to do so. Not only can you stream your game, but you can also comment on the game itself, which will entertain your viewers. It helps if you are comedic and personable. Join Twitch or YouTube gaming to stream your gameplay today and to market yourself.

If you cannot live stream or you do not feel confident in doing so, you can do videos that show off your gameplay that you upload. You can create gaming reviews or create gaming guides. There are thousands of gamers that come to YouTube every day looking for guides to the game.

If you have these guides posted, this educational content can help you to reach all different kinds of people, which will help you to build your following. You can also do videos with gaming highlights that viewers will love. With a little time and effort, you could have many subscribers. Doing game guides and videos of gaming will also bring you money. You will not get rich, but you will be able to reach people and start in the world of making money with gaming.

Remembering It Takes Time And Patience

One of the most important things that you need to remember is that it is going to take time and patience to start making money from professional gaming. It is going to be different than it was when you were just playing it as a hobby. The industry is full of people, and you will need to make sure that you stand out among many players. To do so, you will need to make sure that you have excellent skills and hours of practice. The most important thing to do is to make sure that you stay focused and use your social media platforms to get your name out there.

Online professional gaming is a great way to make money and meet other people. If you are interested in becoming a professional gamer, start the necessary steps today.

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