5 Tips on How to Foster Positive Company Culture in Remote Team

Positive company culture is important because it affects how your employees and customers rate you and this determines how successful your business will be.

As companies worldwide continue to have their workforce working from home, some enterprises shift to blended work structures with a combination of on-premise employees and remote staff. 

With a distributed team, plenty of organizations find that creating a consistent company culture and maintaining team productivity and efficiency have become even more challenging. Besides feeling isolated and disconnected, telecommuting employees may find it hard to remain motivated in the physical absence of their colleagues. 

The following are strategies for how to unify a remote team and how to overcome these obstacles. 

Foster connections among collaborators

As a manager, it’s your duty to have regular calls and check-ins planned with your remote team to stay in touch, offer support, and raise and answer queries. Set up talks that discuss professional matters and out-of-work topics. 

Some of the ways you can connect with your employees include video hangouts, virtual team building activities, instant messaging, online film viewing and other real-time avenues for correspondence, which can also be used for company collaborations and managing projects like a pro

You can also practice effective strategies for creating virtual culture with remote teams, such as linking staffers with similar interests and hobbies and pairing a new hire with an experienced colleague. 

Incorporate gamification 

Gamification is another effective way to develop organizational culture through remote work through camaraderie and competition. Adding virtual multiplayer games and friendly banter to office routines guarantees engaged employees who look forward to day-to-day telecommuting. 

Other than serving as an avenue for interaction between remote staff, they’ll have a ton of enjoyment outside work and forge stronger connections with teammates despite physical distance. 

Enlist the assistance of talent management tools

Part of creating virtual culture with remote teams is sourcing the best talent in the field. One effective way to do this is to implement talent management platforms and turn to reliable job portals to acquire new hires to add value to your company. 

Talent management software is a systematized outlook towards gathering, retaining, assessing, and nurturing your workforce. Through this platform, a company can guarantee its employees are aligned with their primary objectives, mission, and core values. It can also spot lapses within the workforce and help you determine competency and expertise problems to solve them immediately. 

A good number of software online are dedicated to helping teams with how to unify a remote team. Some of their solutions cover lead generation tools, marketing automation functions, email templates, automated email and SMS delivery, landing page construction and other features your HR and marketing team can greatly benefit from. 

Send packages to your remote workers

Who doesn’t like getting gifts? Show your appreciation for your remote team by delivering personalized company packs that promote a notion of belonging and togetherness despite geographical barriers. 

Gestures of appreciation are at the forefront of creating virtual culture for remote teams. As per Forbes, the secret to productivity and positivity within your venture lies in expressing gratitude for your team. 

Besides handing out gifts, be sure to remind your remote workers about their value and self-worth as an individual within and outside your business. 

Set aside finances for realizing remote company culture ideas

Some of the best ways to cultivate organizational culture remote work requires additional expenses though they don’t have to be that much. Employees always have a job expectation vs. reality situation in their heads, so it’s only fair that you rise to their expectations much like how they rise to meet yours. 

For example, in relation with our previous point, you need a small budget for sending company packs to maintain employee engagement and employee relations. 

Likewise, if you really want to onboard the right employees, you can put your resources to EZJobs, one of the most comprehensive platforms for hiring professionals who can be part of your staff. 

With EZJobs, you can choose to be charged monthly or yearly and you can choose which plan best suits your company needs. Each package contains financial and entrepreneurial analysis, marketing and management functions, and round-the-clock customer support. 

If you’re short on funds or trying to cut back on expenses, you can also stick to our free-for-all option, which is equally beneficial. 

How EZJobs can help execute your remote company culture ideas 

Remote work isn’t a one-day wonder. In fact, it’s here to stay.

According to most recent data from Mckinsey, over 20% of the teams could continue working remotely 3 to 5 days per week as productively as they could if they were doing their duties in an office. Furthermore, the research also emphasized how COVID-19 broke cultural and technological roadblocks that previously hindered telecommuting. 

As remote work persists post-pandemic and expands, enterprises must establish a cohesive telecommuting workforce in order to enhance project output and delivery, raise revenues, and attain organizational objectives. 

Once you’ve set up a strong and successful company culture, it imitates itself through individual actions of your staff, whether they’re working on a project or connecting day-to-day. You’ll also witness it when managers and HR teams use robust talent management solutions like EZJobs. 

Find the perfect new addition to your team and contributor to your cause using our solitary virtual platform. 

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