How to Fix Your iPhone When It’s Getting Hot?

Any equipment featured with a processor heats up during operation. However, an increase in the operating temperature of the device without objective reasons should alert the user. Often, the owners of “apple” products contact the service centre with a request to eliminate the reasons for the heating of the smartphone.

The specialists examine the phone and determine whether it’s serviceable or faulty. Correct diagnosis is important in solving this problem. However, if you have a special tool and experience in carrying out repair work, you can determine the real reasons why the iPhone is heating up.  For users who are not aware of all the intricacies and nuances of a modern smartphone, it will not be superfluous to familiarize themselves with the appropriate iPhone repair information.

the iPhone can get very hot when playing games, downloading files from the Internet, and sometimes for no particular reason at all, such as when viewing photos on Instagram.

So, how to cool it down in this case? There are various working tricks to quickly cool down your iPhone while still using it.

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Why is the iPhone Heating Up?

What Happens When the iPhone Overheats?

How to Prevent Overheating?

  • Remove the iPhone Case
  • Do Not Leave your iPhone in the Car OR in the Sun
  • Avoid Playing Games
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Use Flight Mode
  • Disable Location Services
  • Avoid Charging your Phone
  • Use Devices to Cool Phones

Wrapping Up!

Why is the iPhone Heating Up?

The most popular reason for heating up the iPhone is the simultaneous charging of the device while performing any operation.

Experts distinguish all breakdowns into two large groups – software and hardware. As for the situation when the iPhone heats up and quickly discharges, then often the reasons for the failure are:

  • Incorrect installation of the firmware;
  • The presence of a virus in the software;
  • Malfunctioning of the internal microcircuit;
  • Using a non-original charger;
  • The battery is almost dead.

Moisture is the worst enemy of mobile technology. It is not uncommon for moisture to get inside the device, leading to a short circuit and further overheating. The most dangerous situation is when the power controller is faulty in the iPhone. Its failure can cause the device to ignite if the current is applied to it through a powerful charge.

What Happens When the iPhone Overheats?

When the iPhone overheats, it will programmatically go into cooling mode and protect itself from damage. This means the following:

  • Charging slows down or stops significantly.
  • The display dims or turns black.
  • The transmit and receive modules will go into a low power state and the signal may weaken.
  • The camera flash will be temporarily disabled.
  • Smartphone performance decreases noticeably, particularly while commanding resource-intensive applications.

Apple provides a feature of “switching to cooling state” that prevents the smartphone from overheating. To protect your phone from switching off, it’s recommended that you don’t use it and turn on its cooling mode. If you don’t switch it to cooling mode, a warning message appears – “Temperature before using iPhone needs cooling” on the screen. In such a situation, you can call emergency numbers.

To bring your phone back to life, let it cool down. Turn it off and move it to a cool place for a few minutes.

How to Prevent Overheating?

If your iPhone overheats in the heat, check out the below-mentioned tips.

●      Remove the iPhone Case

The extra layer of insulation makes cooling difficult. Alternatively, consider purchasing a cover with ventilation holes.

●      Do Not Leave your iPhone in the Car OR in the Sun

Due to the quickly increasing temperature, the iPhone may refuse to work. Don’t keep your iPhone direct to the sunlight for a long time. Store your iPhone in your bag or pocket.

●      Avoid Playing Games

Usually, the graphically advanced games load and overheat the device a lot. Augmented reality apps are particularly heavy-duty and heat up quickly.

●      Turn off Bluetooth

It provides an additional heat source. The easiest way to disable it is from the Control Center. Swipe up (or down the top-right corner on an iPhone without the Home button) and tap the Bluetooth icon. This will turn off the interface until the next day.

●      Use Flight Mode

This turns off GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular. So, click on the airplane mode, which is available in the Control Center.

●      Disable Location Services

GPS is also apparently the feature that can overheat the iPhone the most. Turn it off using the Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services menu.

●      Avoid Charging your Phone

Do not charge the phone until it gets cooler around or until the iPhone cools down. Charging heats up the iPhone. It’s also recommended that you turn off your iPhone completely in the heat when not in use. While holding down the Sleep / Wake button, slide the Power Off slider to turn off the device. If you have an iPhone 11, XS, or other models, you must hold down the power button and one of the volume buttons.

●      Use Devices to Cool Phones

With the availability of various products on the market, you can buy one that are specifically designed to cool smartphones. They have already found their admirers.

Wrapping Up!

We hope these tips help you keep your iPhone operating at an acceptable temperature. If not, the phone may have encountered a more serious error and you should take it to a service centre.

Engineers of Apple will diagnose your smartphone for free. The iPhone and MacBook repair method directly depend on the nature of the malfunction. If the battery is still faulty, then it’s time to replace it. For example, the iPad repair Singapore and other countries provide the full service if you require repair for your gadget.

Performing various actions of your phone at normal temperatures will delight you with excellent performance.

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